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25 Jul 2016, 05:06pm by Aaron Schatz

SITE NEWS: Forum Update, FOA 2016 Sample

With the release of Football Outsiders Almanac 2016 now one week away, we've uploaded this year's sample chapter on the New York Giants. Plus, an update on our discussion forums. (Click to read more.)

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25 Jul 2016, 04:03pm by Vincent Verhei

Junior Galette Tears Other Achilles, Out For Season

Let's recap the past few years for Junior Galette:

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25 Jul 2016, 01:59pm by Tom Gower

Josh Gordon Reinstated, Suspended Four Games

Per Ian Rapoport on Twitter. Suspended for the first four games, but Josh Gordon is eligible to play after that. The talented and troubled receiver finished ninth in receiving DYAR in 2013, but played just five games in 2014 and did not play in 2015.

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22 Jul 2016, 10:38am by Aaron Schatz

Le'Veon Bell Facing Four-Game Suspension

It's not yet official because of an appeal, but Le'Veon Bell is facing a four-game suspension for another violation of league drug policy. This time, it's for missing a test, not for failing one. A four-game suspension would be a big deal, both for real football (Pittsburgh is a leading Super Bowl contender) and fantasy football (depending on your league scoring, Bell or Todd Gurley will be the No. 1 running back in our KUBIAK projections before considering the suspension).

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22 Jul 2016, 12:22am by Aaron Schatz

J.J. Watt Could Be Out up to 10 Weeks

J.J. Watt suffered a herniated disc working out this week and had to undergo back surgery, and will be out 6-10 weeks. Reports now seem to be leaning on the longer side of that range, which would keep Watt out for the first few weeks of the season. This could be hugely impactful, given how close the AFC South is. There's no division where the four teams are closer together in quality right now. You also have to remember that the Texans still aren't sure who is going to replace Jared Crick. Now they might need two new 5-technique ends for the first month of the season. Yikes.

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20 Jul 2016, 11:21pm by Vincent Verhei

Ivy League Moves Kickoffs to 40-Yard Line

The Ivy League has announced that it has received permission from the NCAA to experiment with kickoffs this season. In conference games only, teams will kick off from their own 40-yard line, with kickoffs being brought out to the 20.

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15 Jul 2016, 02:22pm by Aaron Schatz

Von Miller Signs New Six-Year Deal

The Broncos and Von Miller beat the franchise-tag extension deadline with a new deal that reportedly is worth $114 million over six years, with $70 million of that guaranteed.

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15 Jul 2016, 01:15pm by Aaron Schatz

Brady Ends Legal Process, Accepts Suspension

Tom Brady announced on his Facebook page that he will not pursue an appeal to the Supreme Court and will accept his four-game suspension. Here's once last thread for everybody to bitch about the Ideal Gas Law, the CBA, Roger Goodell's overreach, the "Cheatriots," and how this whole process shows that once again the NFL schedulemakers totally screwed the Seattle Seahawks.

Future threads will be dedicated to actual football questions such as "So, is Jimmy Garoppolo any good or not?"

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15 Jul 2016, 11:38am by Aaron Schatz

SITE NEWS: 2016 KUBIAK Fantasy Projections Now Available!

The 2015 KUBIAK fantasy football projections are complete and available for download. One $20 purchase lets you download unlimited updates throughout the preseason. Or, pay less: this year, we've partnered with FanDuel and a first-time FanDuel deposit of $10 or more will get you KUBIAK for free. (Click to read more.)

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30 Jun 2016, 03:47pm by Vincent Verhei

McClain, Richardson, Manziel Suspended

The NFL got ready for the weekend by issuing a trio of suspensions.

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