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10 Mar 2015, 03:48pm by Vincent Verhei

Saints, Seahawks Swing Blockbuster Trade

Per initial report by Jay Glazer, confirmed by others, the New Orleans Saints are trading tight end Jimmy Graham and a fourth-round pick to the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for center Max Unger and a first-round pick. Graham is automatically the top target in Seattle's passing game, but that is a huge price to pay.

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10 Mar 2015, 01:41pm by Vincent Verhei

2015 Free Agency: Opening Day

With the official signing period for free agency just a few hours away, we thought we'd make a new thread for discussion as players start signing contracts and holding up their new jerseys. (Click to read more.)

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09 Mar 2015, 02:50pm by Vincent Verhei

2015 Free Agency: The Storm Before The Calm

Officially, the NFL's free agent season doesn't begin until 4 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesday afternoon. Unofficially, most of the biggest deals have apparently already been made. We'll put up an official free agency thread once pens start hitting paper, but there are so many deals reported by so many sources in such detail that it's clear we can start our discussions now. Here's a sample of some of the biggest "unofficial" signings.

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09 Mar 2015, 10:50am by Aaron Schatz

Patrick Willis Will Announce Surprise Retirement

All reports now seem to be pointing to 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis retiring later this week. Willis has dealt with injuries over the last couple years, but that is apparently not the reason; instead, some reports say he's had a "religious awakening" and doesn't want to play anymore.

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09 Mar 2015, 09:48am by Matt Waldman

Stanford OT Andrus Peat: A Conversation

While picking the brain of his friend Alec, RSP contributor Eric Stoner shares thoughts of his own about Peat, the state of tackle play, scouting quirks, and NFL Draft philosophies that he’s kept locked away until this post.

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09 Mar 2015, 03:51am by Vincent Verhei

49ers Deny Kaepernick Trade Rumors

We don't usually deal with gossip on our site, preferring wait to talk about things until deals are done. Rumors concerning San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick started to fly late Sunday night, however, and we wanted to give readers a place to discuss them without overwhelming the free agency thread. Thus, this post. So here are some facts:

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06 Mar 2015, 06:50pm by Vincent Verhei

Lynch Headed Back To Seattle

As first reported by Adam Schefter, Marshawn Lynch and his agent are on a plane to Seattle right now, where multiple reports indicate that the Seahawks have a new contract waiting for their star running back. Originally slated to earn $5 million in 2015, Lynch will now earn more than double that.

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06 Mar 2015, 12:34pm by Aaron Schatz

Bears Deal Brandon Marshall to Jets

The Bears are trading wide receiver Brandon Marshall to the Jets. Apparently, the only cost is a fifth-round pick. Yes, Marshall is 30, and he's mercurial, but is he really such a huge problem since he figured out how to handle his mental health issues? Nobody wanted to give Chicago more than a fifth-round pick for this guy? Kansas City, maybe? Meanwhile, the Jets are building a nice group of receivers for nobody to throw to. This probably means Percy Harvin gets cut, and next year's group will be Marshall, Eric Decker, and Jeremy Kerley, with Jace Amaro at tight end.

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05 Mar 2015, 06:04pm by The Outsiders

Open March Salary Cap Cut Thread

This will be a running thread to discuss and announce major salary-cap related player cuts before teams all need to be under the 2015 salary cap on March 10. (Click to read more.)

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04 Mar 2015, 01:48pm by Aaron Schatz

Vikings Deal Matt Cassel to Bills

Well, the Bills certainly are tired of being ignored in the headlines. Second day, second trade. They will send those infamous "undisclosed draft picks" to Minnesota for Matt Cassel. Cassel is the very definition of a replacement-level quarterback and will replace Kyle Orton, who was slightly better than that. Have fun throwing endless screen passes to Sammy Watkins and LeSean McCoy, Matthew.

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