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21 Mar 2014, 04:53pm by Rivers McCown

Raiders Trade for Matt Schaub

Al Davis always liked the Raiders to have quarterbacks that could throw the deep ball, so, maybe it's best he isn't around to see this.

The Texans will get a sixth-round pick for their troubles. Blaine Gabbert currency!

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21 Mar 2014, 07:00am by Mike Tanier

They Coulda Been Contenders (But Fortunately Were Not)

If the NFL playoffs had expanded to 14 games in 1990, back when it expanded to 12, we would have coped with lots of 8-8 playoff teams in the last 20+ years. Here are some of the worst, including the Schottenheimer Redskins and Bubby Brister Eagles.

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19 Mar 2014, 02:12pm by Aaron Schatz

Eric Winston Elected President of Players Union

Offensive tackle Eric Winston is the new head of the players' union. He might be my favorite current player on Twitter, thanks to occasional actual insightful football comments. Let's hope he's as smart when it comes to labor issues. Winston played in Arizona a year ago and is currently a free agent.

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18 Mar 2014, 07:17am by Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: Worst Mock Draft

Somehow the "ever" got dropped from the tagline, or else editorial did not thing it deserved it. By striving to create the worst possible mock draft, I get to discuss some free agent moves while shining a light on teams' strengths instead of weaknesses.

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17 Mar 2014, 05:58pm by Aaron Schatz

Free Agency Open Thread Week 2

The big names have almost all signed. Bring on the bargains! Updated regularly with the latest news and reader discussion. (Click to read more.)

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17 Mar 2014, 12:38pm by Rivers McCown

MMQB: Replay, Playoff Expansion

PK previews the annual league meetings, with fights over the extra point, playoff expansion (boo!), and officiating. Also: how the salary floor has helped the middle class of free agency, and early free agency thoughts.

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14 Mar 2014, 09:38am by Mike Tanier

A Night at the Bum Phillips Opera

The gang at Monk Parrots have been working on this production for so long that I think I mentioned it in a Walkthrough. Bum Phillips: All American Opera is the labor of love of some intellectual folks of diverse tastes who wanted to tell a football story in a totally different way. Kindred spirits to the Football Outsiders gang, in many ways.

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12 Mar 2014, 04:35pm by Cian Fahey

Alterraun Verner: The Numbers, The Tape, The Verdict

Alterraun Verner had an excellent 2013 season for the Tennessee Titans, but it doesn't look quite as impressive when you consider the quality of the receivers he was covering.

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11 Mar 2014, 01:18pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Madden Ultimate Team Content for March 14: Third-Down Stars

Find out what Football Outsiders is putting in Madden 25 Ultimate Team packs this Friday. (Click to read more.)

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11 Mar 2014, 12:35pm by Aaron Schatz

When It Comes to Free Agency, Patience Key Part of Process

Hey, remember last year when Cleveland, Miami, and Tennessee totally won the first few days of free agency? That was fun.

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