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15 Apr 2007, 12:01pm by Aaron Schatz

Falcons Shake Up Roles on Defense

Because, you know, that whole Keith Brooking as middle linebacker thing always worked so well in the past.

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13 Apr 2007, 11:43pm by Aaron Schatz

Broncos Release Al Wilson

The $5.2 base salary was one thing. The neck injury was another issue. Put them both together, and the Broncos felt they couldn't keep Al Wilson anymore. If you went back into the FO archives and compare us to other sites around the Web, I'm sure you will find that no other website has more sentences that include the words "Wilson," "underrated," and "defender." I understand why the Broncos made this decision, but it doesn't make their team better, that's for sure. If you are a believer in things like "chemistry" and "leadership," well, the decision to cut Wilson looks even worse.

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13 Apr 2007, 08:44pm by P. Ryan Wilson

An Unofficial Guide to the Draft

This Pat Kirwan column is pretty good. I don't agree with all 12 points, but I like the idea that special teamers should be a priority, and the Jeff Samardzija scenario is ... interesting.

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12 Apr 2007, 12:31am by Doug Farrar

Drew Bledsoe Calls it Quits

After 15 years, two Super Bowls, 44,611 yards and 251 touchdown passes, the first overall pick in the 1993 NFL Draft has decided to hang 'em up.

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11 Apr 2007, 01:59pm by Aaron Schatz

2007 NFL Schedule Announced

Here's a thread to discuss the schedule, which is being announced at 1pm today Eastern time. Link now goes to official schedule.

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10 Apr 2007, 03:10pm by Aaron Schatz

Game Over for the Titans, too

Aaron Schatz breaks down how much the Titans will be hurting without the services of the Pac-Man. (Click link to read more.)

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10 Apr 2007, 01:30pm by P. Ryan Wilson

NFL Suspends Henry Eight Games, Jones for the Year

So, anybody else want to call Roger Goodell's bluff? Seriously, I think this is a good move on the NFL's part, even if the suspensions seem severe.

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09 Apr 2007, 03:52pm by Benjy Rose

Duck to Lion to Dolphin to Falcon

The Atlanta Journal-Consititution is reporting that MDS favorite Joey Harrington will be competing with the likes of D.J. Shockley and Chris Redman to back up Michael Vick in the ATL. I guess management decided they needed some marquee value at QB.

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09 Apr 2007, 03:47pm by P. Ryan Wilson

MMQB: High Anxiety

This week, Peter King explains why it's not so easy to trade out of a top-10 pick.

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09 Apr 2007, 03:05pm by Aaron Schatz

Four-Year Starters Attractive in Draft

An article about the David Lewin quarterback projection system? Actually, no; this is Rich Gosselin writing about offensive line prospects in this month's draft. Nineteen rookie blockers finished the 2006 season in NFL starting lineups, and 10 of those players didn't just play four years of college -- they started all four years of college. More experience, less transition time.

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