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09 Apr 2007, 03:05pm by Aaron Schatz

Four-Year Starters Attractive in Draft

An article about the David Lewin quarterback projection system? Actually, no; this is Rich Gosselin writing about offensive line prospects in this month's draft. Nineteen rookie blockers finished the 2006 season in NFL starting lineups, and 10 of those players didn't just play four years of college -- they started all four years of college. More experience, less transition time.

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08 Apr 2007, 02:16am by Bill Barnwell

Madden '92 Ambulance Montage

It's a slow week, people. Those of you who played Madden in the early days will enjoy this wonderful look at the ambulance and its disregard for otherwise-healthy players. Hat tip to Fort90.

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06 Apr 2007, 08:53pm by Bill Barnwell

Grant Wistrom Retires

Grant Wistrom's decided to step away from the game at the tender age of 30. In the link, MDS chalks this up to Wistrom wanting to get out while his body's still in one piece. Me? I think he wants to defend that NFL Network Dance Trophy around the circuit.

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06 Apr 2007, 03:08am by Doug Farrar

David Carr Agrees to Terms With Panthers

The Charlotte Observer reports that former Texans QB David Carr has agreed to a two-year deal with the Carolina Panthers. Carr had recently visited Seattle, but the scuttlebutt seems to be that he has a better chance of getting playing time behind Jake Delhomme than Matt Hasselbeck. The article says that the Panthers "obviously don't view Carr as the typical backup". Whether or not Delhomme's job would be in jeopardy if he struggles, Carr's certainly a better backup option than Chris Weinke.

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04 Apr 2007, 10:03pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Asante Samuel: 'I'm Not Happy Anymore'

The Boston Globe's Mike Reiss is reporting on his blog that recently franchised cornerback Asante Samuel wants you to know (and by "you" I mean "the Patriots' front office") that "[he is] not happy anymore and things are not going well." Not much in the way of details, but I think when Samuel says "we have a difference of opinion in my value" not a lot of explanation is needed.

Thanks to FO reader PatsFan for the tip.

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04 Apr 2007, 03:26pm by Aaron Schatz

Introducing Rookiepedia

Just wanted to throw a shout out to this new site from our buddy Brian Bassett of jetsblog.com. It's a wikipedia for rookie prospects! Now you too can share your thoughts about everyone from JaMarcus Russell to some guy from Division II who will go in the seventh round.

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04 Apr 2007, 08:14am by Bill Barnwell

Eddie Robinson Passes Away

Legendary Grambling football coach Eddie Robinson passed away on Tuesday night at the age of 88.

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01 Apr 2007, 08:24pm by Michael David Smith

MMQB: NFL Cancels Game in China

SI.com gets up this week's MMQB early (and clearly before it's been copy edited) because Peter King has a scoop: The NFL is canceling its preseason game in China.

At the end, King writes, "Best wishes staying healthy, Len Pasquarelli." Has Pasquarelli had health problems I'm not aware of?

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29 Mar 2007, 11:11am by Aaron Schatz

NFL Puts Spike to Spikes

Hey, that new idea to move the overtime kickoff up five yards? That was shelved. But the owners did manage to approve a five-yard penalty for spiking the ball in the field of play. "Players can celebrate by spinning the ball, and they won't be penalized if the ball happens to take a slight bounce after it leaves their possession following the end of a play.

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28 Mar 2007, 08:24pm by Bill Barnwell

Bly Signs Contract with Broncos

Well, any of the talk of Dre Bly going can stop. He's signed a five-year, $33 million deal with the Broncos which is pretty nifty considering (at least in initial value) his deal doesn't remotely approach Nate Clements.

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