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03 Feb 2007, 04:52pm by Michael David Smith

Irvin In, Monk Out of Hall of Fame

The newest members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame are: Gene Hickerson, Michael Irvin, Bruce Matthews, Charlie Sanders, Thurman Thomas and Roger Wehrli.

Art Monk was snubbed again, and I thought this was his best chance. I don't think he's going to make it.

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03 Feb 2007, 01:19am by Bill Barnwell

Vick: Now, With Audibles

New Falcons coach Bobby Petrino is going to allow Michael Vick to -- gasp -- call audibles at the line (hey!) if plays look doomed next season. No word on whether he will stop Vick from employing the offense solely to earn Madden Challenge Points.

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02 Feb 2007, 05:09pm by Michael David Smith

Technology Behind the Super Bowl Broadcast

A look at how the first-and-10 line, the cable cams, and other high-tech parts of the Super Bowl broadcast are brought into your living room.

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02 Feb 2007, 02:30pm by Aaron Schatz

Favre Returns in 2007

Hi, I'm Aaron Rodgers and my life is pointless.

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02 Feb 2007, 12:29pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Dark Days Follow Hard-Hitting Career in NFL

A few weeks ago we linked to a story that tied former Eagles safety Andre Waters' suicide to concussions he suffered during his NFL career. Unfortunately, concussions pervade professional football and former Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson has now come forward with his story.

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02 Feb 2007, 11:14am by Aaron Schatz

Digital Projectors Worth the Splurge

"Got a haircut, got a silver tooth, gonna get myself arrested." Josh Levin from Slate.com reviews will be watching the Super Bowl on a 134-inch screen. Call the NFL screen-inch police! For the sake of consistency, doesn't the league have to send Levin a cease-and-desist order?

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01 Feb 2007, 12:29pm by Aaron Schatz

NFL Lawyers Sack Church's Game Plan

This sounds like a joke, but it isn't... the NFL sent a cease-and-desist order to a church in Indianapolis, telling them they cannot promote a Super Bowl party with the words "Super Bowl," charge for snacks, or show the game on a screen larger than 55 inches. We can all talk about how stupid this is, but what I want to know is the other side's argument. How are the NFL's legal rights challenged by charging for snacks or showing the game on a screen of, say, 56 inches? Props to Pro Football Talk for pointing out this article.

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01 Feb 2007, 12:14pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Against Manning, Bears To Rely on Snap Judgments

In an effort to crack the code, for the last 10 days Bears defensive coordinator Ron Rivera has "watched the actual television coverage of each of the Indianapolis Colts' previous games, with the volume turned up loud, paying particular attention to everything Peyton Manning does -- and says -- in the typically animated seconds before he snaps the ball." Colts center Jeff Saturday thinks 70 percent of what Manning does at the line "isn't real." Tight end Dallas Clark puts the estimate at two percent. Manning, of course, isn't saying. (Free registration/bugmenot required.)

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01 Feb 2007, 02:24am by Doug Farrar

Zebra Hunt: Tony Corrente

The only place on the internet where you can get a breakdown on the Super Bowl's referee. (Click link to read.)

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01 Feb 2007, 01:11am by Bill Barnwell

Biletnikoff Retires from Raiders

Suspect there's a little bit more to this one than meets the eye. Well, the AP story's eye, at least.

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