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06 Mar 2007, 11:58am by Ned Macey

Are all Denver RB created equal?

Mike Shanahan treats 1,000 running backs as a dime-a-dozen. Yet, should he? Ned Macey takes a look at the Denver running backs since Terrell Davis to tell you the answer.

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06 Mar 2007, 10:19am by Bill Barnwell

Patrick Kerney to Seahawks

Patrick Kerney's signed a six-year, $39.5 million dollar deal with the Seahawks. $19.5 million is guaranteed.

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05 Mar 2007, 10:47pm by Michael David Smith

Thomas Jones Traded to Jets

Thomas Jones has been traded from the Bears to the Jets. The Jets gave up an early second-round pick (which they previously acquired from the Redskins) for the Bears' second-round pick and Jones.

Personally, I love this move for the Jets. Jones will be an instant starter, and I think the price they gave up for him was paltry. The only problem, of course, is that Jones wants a new contract, but assuming his demands aren't outrageous, I think the Jets made a nice move.

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05 Mar 2007, 05:12pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Are the Vikings Interested in Quinn?

Minnesota head coach Brad Childress -- along with 65 other scouts, GMs and coaches -- spent last weekend at Notre Dame's Pro Day. The Vikings are particularly interested in quarterback Brady Quinn and could select him with the seventh-overall pick.

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05 Mar 2007, 04:39pm by Aaron Schatz

Franchised Briggs Wants Trade from Bears

Collective bargaining is fun! Lance Briggs wants to know: Who was the idiot who signed that agreement where very year, each team gets to designate one player as "the guy who doesn't get to become as totally super rich as Leonard Davis"?

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05 Mar 2007, 11:00am by Doug Farrar

MMQB: More Than the Money

Peter King says that the Adalius Thomas signing was a great one for the Pats (evidently, he hasn't been reading Ron Borges lately...), runs into Jason Giambi, gets goopy over Shaun O'Hara, and joins the rest of us in complete disbelief at the sheer wackiness of the Leonard Davis deal.

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04 Mar 2007, 06:18pm by Doug Farrar

Leonard Davis Breaks the Bank

Mark Maske of the Washington Post reports that the Dallas Cowboys have signed former Cardinals underachiever Leonard Davis to a seven-year, $50 million contract, with $18 million in bonuses. Here's the interesting part, beyond just seeing the words "Leonard Davis" and $50 million" in the same sentence: according to Maske, the Cowboys will put Davis at either right guard or right tackle.

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03 Mar 2007, 06:15pm by Aaron Schatz

Dielman Returns to Chargers

The signings are coming fast and furious today, so we can't hit XP on all of them. But one of the biggest of the day is actually a re-signing, with left guard Kris Dielman returning to the Chargers. The Seahawks wanted Dielman badly and practically kidnapped the guy yesterday, trying to get him to sign, but he'll stay in San Diego for $39 million over six years, including $17 million guaranteed in the first two seasons. The top offensive line free agents are now pretty much all off the market, except for Leonard Davis, but come on...

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03 Mar 2007, 01:32pm by Aaron Schatz

Patriots Sign Adalius Thomas

I told the FO staff not to post the big free-agent signings until they were official, but everyone basically agrees that this is a done deal and will be announced sometime this afternoon. This one wins the 2007 award for best match between team need and player talent. Remember Eric Alexander trying to cover Dallas Clark in the AFC Championship game? Ugh. The Patriots have this reputation for being cheap in free agency that isn't really deserved. When they feel a player is truly worth it, they will lay out the cash. Just ask Rosevelt Colvin.

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02 Mar 2007, 10:17pm by Aaron Schatz

Browns Ink Eric Steinbach

The Browns went 1-for-2 with big-money offensive linemen last year, but that was enough for them to try it again. Eric Steinbach will head across Ohio. The deal is allegedly $49.5 million over seven years, though not yet official. Look out on Lake Erie! Seriously, I realize that one drunk-boating arrest is not as bad as what Pac-Man Jones and Chris Henry have been doing, but this shows what happens when a need for talent battles with the league's apparent desire to crack down on players in trouble. Need for talent will always win.

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