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20 Jun 2006, 03:12pm by Aaron Schatz

Study: Cities with Football Stadiums May Lose Tax Revenues

Interesting study here by Craig Depken, an economist at the University of Texas at Arlington, who found that cities in Texas lose sales tax revenue whenever they host a professional football or basketball game -- but gain revenue from baseball or hockey games. The study also finds that smaller cities gain more revenue from hosting Division-IA and I-AA college football games than larger cities do.

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20 Jun 2006, 09:50am by P. Ryan Wilson

10 Questions

FOXSports.com's John Czarnecki answers 10 questions leading up to training camp.

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19 Jun 2006, 12:00pm by Michael David Smith

MMQB: 2001 Draft, Five Years Later

Peter King says the Cincinnati Bengals did the best job of any team in the 2001 draft.

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19 Jun 2006, 09:42am by P. Ryan Wilson

Holmes Arrested Again

Santonio Holmes was arrested again last night, which puts him two up on Chris Henry at this stage of his career.

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18 Jun 2006, 10:12am by Michael David Smith

Ricky Smokes Hamilton for 97 Yards

Ricky Williams had an impressive CFL debut as his Toronto Argonauts beat the Hamilton Tiger-Cats 27-17. With the Argos nursing a lead, Williams rushed for 72 fourth-quarter yards to milk the clock and seal the victory. Did anyone see the game? Was it on U.S. television? I would have watched if I had thought of it.

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16 Jun 2006, 12:43am by P. Ryan Wilson

Amazing Grace

Great story from ESPN's Michael Smith about Colts head coach Tony Dungy.

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15 Jun 2006, 12:44pm by Michael David Smith

Chris Henry Arrested, Episode IV: A New Hope

OK, this is just getting ridiculous. Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry was charged Wednesday with providing alcohol to three underage females, his fourth arrest in the last seven months. As Deadspin noted, NFL players have such short careers; it's important to pack in as much as you can, while you can. If this weren't Henry's fourth arrest, the most interesting part of the story would be that one of the underage females Henry provided with alcohol accused him of rape, but after changing her story police charged her with a misdemeanor count of filing a false police report.

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14 Jun 2006, 03:46pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Fleeting Glory

Dr. Z offers an interesting perspective on how quickly injured quarterbacks can go from heroes to liabilities. And there's even a poem!

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14 Jun 2006, 01:34pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Vasher Joins List of Angry Bears

At this rate Chicago may not be able to field a team come September. CB Nathan Vasher is the latest Bear to skip out on OTAs because he's unhappy with his current rookie deal ... a deal that still has two years remaining.

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13 Jun 2006, 02:51pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Roethlisberger Could Play in Opener

I didn't comment on Ben Roethlisberger's motorcycle mishap yesterday because I had to schedule an emergency session with my therapist on how to cope with the idea of Charlie Batch as the Steelers starting quarterback. Well, according to Ed Bouchette, I have one less thing to worry about because Roethlisberger will likely play in the season opener. How this is possible after seeing the crash scene photos is beyond me. If Daunte Culpepper and Roethlisberger both play in the Thursday night opener, the game should be renamed the Hospital Bowl.

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