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20 Apr 2006, 09:18am by P. Ryan Wilson

Bengals Sign QB Wright

Signing a backup quarterback isn't usually a big deal, but with no firm timetable for Carson Palmer's return from a knee injury, it looks like the Bengals will start the season with Anthony Wright, Doug Johnson and Craig Krenzel (you can decide where they're listed on the depth chart). Given Cincy's tough schedule and the uncertainty surrounding Palmer, this could be a 2003 Atlanta Falcons situation, complete with the aforementioned Doug Johnson.

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19 Apr 2006, 03:14pm by Michael David Smith

Denver Sends No. 22 to San Francisco

The 49ers gave up their second- and third-round picks to acquire a first-round pick, No. 22 overall. None of us really knows what this means, of course, but feel free to speculate about whom the 49ers will take at No. 22 and where the Broncos are hoping to add depth -- what would April be without draft speculation?

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19 Apr 2006, 09:18am by P. Ryan Wilson

Versatility Creates Mystery

Everybody's looking for the next Antwaan Randle El (well, except for the Redskins) and Jeff Legwold of the Rocky Mountain News examines this year's draft-eligible candidates.

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18 Apr 2006, 11:42am by P. Ryan Wilson

Draftees Are Up, Down & All Around

I saw Adam Schefter mention this last night on "Total Access," but there is absolutely no way Houston wouldn't draft Reggie Bush, right? I mean, this has the be the definition of a pre-draft smokescreen. In related news, the Texans visited with linebacker Jeff Lageman earlier this week.

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18 Apr 2006, 09:48am by P. Ryan Wilson

Red Flagged

It's hard to believe that given all that has transpired, Marcus Vick was at one time considered a first or second-round talent. Now, he'll be lucky to get drafted. Greg Garber takes a look at how teams are becoming more and more diligent in assessing players' character, which given all the money involved is probably a good idea.

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17 Apr 2006, 10:09am by Aaron Schatz

Seizing His Opportunity

Dominic Rhodes: massive 2006 fantasy sleeper, or just another backup running back?

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17 Apr 2006, 10:01am by Michael David Smith

MMQB: Market Fallout

Peter King believes we place too much emphasis on the draft at the expense of talking free agency, which he says is a more important part of the NFL off-season.

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14 Apr 2006, 07:37pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Cowboys Want More Show From T.O.

Let the fun begin! (And yes, this is what we're reduced to discussing when the next most interesting football-related topic is the Rashaun Woods-for-Sammy Davis trade that nobody cares about.)

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14 Apr 2006, 04:58pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Everybody Wants to Play Football

Two stories out today about former college basketball standouts trying to make the transition to the NFL. We've already talked about Jai Lewis, but here's another article from the Washington Post. He has signed with an agent and is cramming two months of pro day preparation into two weeks (who knows, maybe LenDale's hammy will be better by then). And even though he may not get drafted, he's currently listed as a "priority free agent."

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13 Apr 2006, 10:58pm by P. Ryan Wilson

LenDale White Has Torn Hamstring

This explains a lot but I don't think it'll really influence White's draft position. If he was a mid-to-late first round pick with a good hammy, he's probably still a mid-to-late first round pick with a tweaked hammy. It's not like he blew out his knee or has a degenerative hip injury and is facing a grueling recovery with an uncertain future.

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