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18 Nov 2004, 11:18pm by Aaron Schatz

Football Commentary: Week 10 Strategy Review

The latest strategy review from our friend William Krasker includes a long discussion of Herman Edwards vs. the clock. Did you ask yourself if the Jets should have taken a delay of game instead of calling timeout? Krasker asked the same question and has an answer. Plus, Tampa Bay goes for it on 4th-and-1 and fails instead of kicking a game-tying field goal in the fourth quarter. You know William favors going for it most of the time (and so do we) but is that even true when the field goal would tie the game late?

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18 Nov 2004, 11:38am by Aaron Schatz

"MartyBall Is Dead" Says Man Who Should Know

Marty Schottenheimer, the man who turned against his own impulses.

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18 Nov 2004, 11:36am by Russell Levine

Report: Spurrier Headed to South Carolina

Keep in mind this is Steve Spurrier we're talking about, so nothing is certain until he shows up at a golf outing wearing South Carolina gear, but ESPN.com is reporting that The Head Ballcoach has an agreement in principle to become the next head coach at South Carolina. One tiny detail remains -- South Carolina already has a big-name head coach with a gi-normous ego, one Lou Holtz. Holtz has been hinting at retirement, however, so this isn't exactly an Auburn/Bobby Petrino situation.

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18 Nov 2004, 11:25am by P. Ryan Wilson

Bengals' WR Eyes Sunday Celebration

In what has become almost a weekly occurrence, another opposing player has given the Steelers bulletin board material and sent the opposing coach into damage control. This time it's WR Chad Johnson and he's asked every fan to bring a dollar to the Bengals-Steelers game this week to help cover the fine that will inevitably follow his planned touchdown celebration. When Marvin Lewis was informed of Johnsons' comments he sat silent for a few seconds before answering: "It's not a wise thing," Lewis finally said, with annoyance in his eyes.

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17 Nov 2004, 04:20pm by Aaron Schatz

Fraud Warning

Dr. Z's power rankings are especially fun this week. First, he channels Football Outsiders with comments that say Ray Lewis is overrated. He also gives props to Patriots defensive backs coach Eric Mangini, which is really channeling Football Outsiders because it reflects something I wrote that didn't even make it to the Internet.

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16 Nov 2004, 07:17pm by Al Bogdan

ABC Apologizes for Intro to 'Monday Night Football'

ABC opened Monday Night Football last night with a nude Nicollette Sheridan jumping into Terrell Owens arms in the Eagle locker room. ABC has apologized for the skit which the NFL has called "inappropriate" in their own release today. A spokesman for the FCC is quoted in the article as saying they've received complants about the opening.Mike and the Mad Dog have been talking about this all afternoon on WFAN in NY. To me it's much ado about nothing, but I can see how folks would be upset about this.

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16 Nov 2004, 02:09pm by Aaron Schatz

TMQ: Remembering Heidi

This week our buddy Gregg Easterbrook honors the legendary Preston Ridlehuber, visits a dentist that has patients coming back for more, and discusses what exactly may have angered some football gods in Indy and Dallas. Come join the "unofficial official" thread for discussing NFL.com's Tuesday Morning Quarterback.

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16 Nov 2004, 01:15pm by Michael David Smith

Could Harrington Be Next?

Brunell is benched. Warner is benched. Might we have a third benching this week? Steve Mariucci is tepid in his support of Joey Harrington, and Mike McMahon will get more snaps in practice this week.

My own opinion, as someone who has seen every pass Harrington has thrown this year, is that Harrington is not the Lions' problem on offense. The problem is that Matt Millen has given Harrington exactly one teammate, Roy Williams, who consistently helps the offense. It would be absurd for Harrington to lose his job before Millen loses his.

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16 Nov 2004, 12:30pm by Aaron Schatz

The Iced Foot Effect

It's one of the top research projects on our Football Outsiders "to do" list: Does icing the kicker really work? Now two statisticians have actually done the research and, believe it or not, they think the answer is yes. Reading about their methodology, I'm not so sure -- doesn't this say that the chance of hitting a pressure kick doesn't change if you call a timeout? Either way, you can be sure that other football sites will not be linking to articles from the Mathematical Association of America.

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15 Nov 2004, 02:48pm by Aaron Schatz

Snap Judgment: Can Colts Be Tamed?

It's the latest quarterback comments and ratings from me and the rest of the ESPN.com Page 2 crew. Of all the terrible quarterback performances this week, which one ends up as the worst of the season according to DPAR? Take a guess and then click to find out. Plus, find out why I think Atlanta's good luck does not herald a playoff collapse, why I don't think Big Ben deserves the MVP award, when Peyton Manning will finally win the Super Bowl, and which ex-Chicago Bears quarterback might deserve a second chance. Oh, and the other guys write some stuff too.

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