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30 Jan 2006, 12:49pm by admin

Seeking SNF/MNF Game Tapes

We're filling the holes on the schedule from this year's game charting. While we taped the DirectTV "Short Cuts" as backup for the Sunday afternoon games, we're also missing some of the Sunday and Monday night national games. If you have a tape of any of these games, please e-mail gamecharting-at-yahoo.com and let us know:

Week 3 SNF: NYG/SD
Week 8 MNF: BAL/PIT 2H
Week 10 SNF: CLE/PIT 1H
Week 12 SNF: NO/NYJ 1H
Week 13 SNF: OAK/SD 1H
Week 14 MNF: NO/ATL
Week 16 SNF: MIN/BAL 2H

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30 Jan 2006, 12:02pm by Michael David Smith

MMQB: Pittsburgh's Best Signing

Peter King says the Steelers were very smart to keep coach Bill Cowher around this long.

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30 Jan 2006, 10:46am by P. Ryan Wilson

A Get-Rich Kick Scheme Fails

In an ironic twist, Mr. X is, in fact, Ron Borges.

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30 Jan 2006, 05:30am by Michael David Smith

Favre Leaning Toward Retirement

Brett Favre tells Chris Mortensen that he's strongly considering retirement. It sounds like he feels that the Packers are rushing him to make a decision soon. Favre would still be a better quarterback than Aaron Rodgers in 2006, but getting Favre's $10 million salary off the books would help the Packers. My guess is the team's top brass wants Favre to retire but doesn't want the bad PR of forcing him out.

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29 Jan 2006, 11:23pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Online Overtime

You gotta love the internets, especially when it could involve live broadcasts of out-of-market NFL games. (Hat tip Deadspin; free registration/bugmenot may be required for the link.)

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29 Jan 2006, 07:08pm by Michael David Smith

Could Kimo's Hit on Carson Cause New Rule?

Some speculation coming out of Cincinnati indicates that the NFL might change its rules to make it illegal for defensive linemen to roll into quarterbacks the way Kimo von Oelhoefen did to Carson Palmer. Rules changes resulting from one specific player or event have always interested me. Roy Williams was the most recent. Can you think of any others?

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29 Jan 2006, 12:25am by Michael David Smith

Mock Draft: Too Early?

Don Banks prefaces his mock draft by suggesting that it's too early to engage in such an endeavor. Who's he kidding? It's never too early for a mock draft. I'd love to see a 2007 mock draft. Feel free to use this thread to discuss today's Senior Bowl as well.

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27 Jan 2006, 05:59pm by Michael David Smith

Illinois Legislature: '85 Bears Best Ever

It's great to live in a state where this is what they discuss in the state capital. The state legislature in Illinois has unanimously passed a resolution declaring the 1985 Chicago Bears the best team in football history. I'm thinking about calling some of these representatives and asking for some substantive explanations of why the '85 Bears were better than the '91 Redskins or the '79 Steelers or the '72 Dolphins or the '62 Packers.

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27 Jan 2006, 01:22pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Meet "Seven"

Thank God his parents didn't name him "Eight." (hat tip: Deadspin)

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27 Jan 2006, 12:20pm by P. Ryan Wilson

A Look Back at a Season of Truths

If nothing else, you have to give Jason Whitlock credit for revisiting a season's worth of "truths," especially when they include gems like, "the Raiders are the lone winless NFL squad with a chance to qualify for the playoffs," and "the 0-4 Green Bay Packers will win the NFC North." To be fair, Whitlock's midseason predictions (Nov. 3) were all pretty accurate, and when you consider that this is the same guy who still thinks Jeff George is the best QB in the NFL, it's worth noting.

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