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16 Dec 2004, 01:30pm by P. Ryan Wilson

The Knock On Urlacher? Here It Is

I hesitate to even mention this, but the Sporting News has named Brian Urlacher the most overrated player in the NFL...again (CBS Sportsline crowned Urlacher with the same title back in August). Of course Lovie Smith feels differently, and the Chicago Tribune has a story in today's paper that gives mixed reviews on Urlacher's status based on discussions with more than a dozen NFL scouts.

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14 Dec 2004, 03:47pm by Aaron Schatz

TMQ: A Lesson Learned

This week our man TMQ discusses how Pittsburg of Kansas has been punished by the football gods, plus sweet plays, sour plays, good blocking, stupid punts, Christmas albums, and the approaching mediocrity of the NFC playoffs.

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14 Dec 2004, 10:00am by P. Ryan Wilson

Pinkston: "I Lost it in the Lights"

Anyone watching the Eagles-Redskins game Sunday night might've wondered why WR Todd Pinkston pulled up short on a long pass over the middle from Donovan McNabb. Apparently he lost it in the lights. I was watching the play in question, and unless "I lost it in the lights" is a euphemism for "I stopped running because I didn't want to get the stuffing knocked out of me by the safety," then I'm not convinced. To make matters worse, Joe Theismann spent the next few minutes accusing Pinkston of having "alligator body." Nice. (free registration/bugmenot required)

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13 Dec 2004, 10:42pm by Russell Levine

EA Corners NFL Video Game Market

Proving that there's no end to the revenue streams it can develop, the NFL has sold its exclusive video game license to EA Sports, maker of the market-leading Madden series, for an undisclosed sum. That means while ESPN and others can continue to make football games, they can't use NFL players, stadiums, uniforms or logos in the game.

I'm not a video game player, so I'm interested to hear what gamers have to say about this development.

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13 Dec 2004, 02:54pm by Aaron Schatz

Snap Judgment: The Franchise Tag

Here's the latest Snap Judgment column at ESPN.com, featuring the Football Outsiders QB ratings for a really, really bad week of quarterbacking. In fact, while nobody has noticed, passing has tumbled all around the NFL over the past five weeks. Plus: If you could pick any NFL quarterback for your expansion team, who would you select?

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13 Dec 2004, 02:00pm by Michael David Smith

MMQB: Edge Will Be Gone

Have you ever noticed how Peter King writes his most newsworthy items as if they were merely asides? Here's his comment on Indianapolis this week: "Enjoy having Edgerrin James on this team while you can, Colts fans. He's a Raider or Dolphin or Buc or Cardinal next year."

I trust King's opinion on these matters as much as I trust any football writer, but I think if the Colts let James go, they'll only do it if they're getting major draft-pick compensation. And this does look like it'll be a good year to draft a running back.

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13 Dec 2004, 11:45am by P. Ryan Wilson

For a No. 1 Pick, Eli's a Real Zero

Whenever you play the Ravens and people mistake you for Kyle Boller and Boller for your older brother, you've probably had a rough day. And adding insult to Eli Manning's 0.0 passer rating was the fact that Boller threw 4 TD passes and when Coughlin finally pulled Manning late in the 4th quarter, Kurt Warner came in and promptly led a drive that resulted in a Tiki Barber TD run. For the season, Manning is completing 38% of his passes and sporting a 33.8 passer rating, and next week he faces the Steelers. Luckily the Chargers are 10-3 and headed for a division title.

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11 Dec 2004, 11:12pm by Aaron Schatz

Patriots' Weis is Perfect for Irish

New England offensive coordinator Charlie Weis will be named the new head coach at his alma mater, Notre Dame, this Monday. (I'm linking to an opinion article by Michael "not David" Smith, but the deal is now done.) As a Patriots' fan, I think it is long past the time that Weis deserved a head coaching job, and I'm very happy that we won't have to play against him in the NFL. However, for Notre Dame fans, be prepared that there will not be instant success. For one thing, recruiting will be very difficult this year.

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10 Dec 2004, 06:05pm by Aaron Schatz

Memorable Mad Dashes to the Playoffs

Courtesy of SI.com's Don Banks, here's a companion piece to our guest column this week on the worst playoff teams ever. Another way to compare this year's mushy playoff race to history is to look at teams that came from terrible starts to make major playoff runs.

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09 Dec 2004, 07:37pm by Al Bogdan

Tice Thinks UW is Nice

Just saw the PTI guys talking about this story. Mike Tice, whose contract with the Vikings is up after this season, is all but openly campaigning for the University of Washington coaching job. I've never heard of a current NFL head coach going out of his way to talk about how much he'd like to become a college head coach next season. Maybe Tice sees the writing on the wall and doesn't expect to be asked back next year in Minnesota, so he's talking now to stop UW from hiring Ty Willingham.

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