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02 Mar 2006, 06:36pm by Michael David Smith

Lawrence Phillips to Stand Trial

Former NFL running back Lawrence Phillips was ordered to stand trial on assault charges for allegedly driving a car into three teenagers who argued with him following a pickup football game. Tom Osborne thinks Phillips shouldn't be punished because everyone deserves a 102nd chance.

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02 Mar 2006, 04:44pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Upshaw, Not Tagliabue, in Charge

In the previous XP a lot of readers are of the opinion that Gene Upshaw has worked himself into a corner. Well guess what? Jason Whitlock disagrees with you! He thinks Upshaw has the upper hand, and specifically writes, "... Gene Upshaw is the most powerful man in sports. Which makes him the most powerful black man in America since David Palmer won the presidential popular vote ..." (By the way, how did things work out for President Palmer?)

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02 Mar 2006, 02:16pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Owners Vote to Break Off Talks with Players

Not good. (Although I still think this will get done, probably sometime around 11:59 PM tonight.)

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01 Mar 2006, 07:52pm by Aaron Schatz

Broncos cut Pryce, Putzier and Anderson

Bloody Thursday begins early. Three starters from the AFC West champion Broncos, gone. I think they had to do something no matter what happened to the CBA, as very few teams needed to cut more salary to get under the cap than Denver did. By the way, Stephen Alexander started more games than Jeb Putzier did? Putzier is clearly the better player.

Also cut so far around the league: Sam Adams in Buffalo and Stephen Davis, Brenson Buckner and He Hate Me (sniff, how sad) in Carolina.

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01 Mar 2006, 02:21pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Shoppers' Guide Top 50: Ranking Best Free Agents

One could quibble with just about every entry on this list, but hey, it's the off-season, the NFL Apocalypse is upon us, and everything must go. Plus, if we were all in agreement, what would we complain about?

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01 Mar 2006, 01:27pm by Michael David Smith

Get Ready for Bloody Thursday

No one seems to know exactly what the consequences will be if the players and owners don't reach a deal within the next 24 hours or so. But it seems possible that a huge number of high-priced players, including some who still have plenty of good years in them, will be released by teams that were counting on a new deal giving them more elbow room. One name I'll throw out there is Brett Favre.

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28 Feb 2006, 07:35pm by Michael David Smith

Upshaw: Talks Have Broken Down

I still maintain that a new collective-bargaining agreement will be reached before 2007, but ESPN says Gene Upshaw is pessimistic.

"We're deadlocked. There's nowhere to go," Upshaw said. "There's no reason to continue meeting."

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28 Feb 2006, 07:27pm by Michael David Smith

NFL Could Change Fumble Replay Rule

At the scouting combine, Titans coach Jeff Fisher mentioned that he'd like the league to explore a change in the down-by-contact rule. He's not the only one thinking along those lines. Right now, if a play is ruled down by contact, it cannot be reviewed by instant replay, even if it's clear that the ball-carrier fumbled before he was down, and that a defensive player pounced on it immediately. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I hate it when a quick whistle negates what should be a great defensive play.

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28 Feb 2006, 01:31pm by P. Ryan Wilson

A Sneak Peek at the Wonderlic

OK, so maybe Vince Young didn't score a 6 on the Wonderlic, but he missed question 43. He redeemed himself by offering no comment on number 50, while Jay Cutler could be heard yelling "What?" several times after leaving the testing area. Interesting.

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27 Feb 2006, 12:15pm by Michael David Smith

MMQB: On the Market

Peter King (who was the nicest person I met in Indianapolis) gives his thoughts about the upcoming free agent market, including which teams have the money and the inclination to make a big play for Edgerrin James.

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