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30 Nov 2005, 02:53pm by Michael David Smith

Turnovers, Early Deficits Lead to Losses

When I was a kid, I always used to enjoy Dick Vermeil and Brent Musberger on college football broadcasts. (Musberger would occasionally ask Vermeil if he thought he'd ever return to coaching, and Vermeil insisted he wouldn't.) But one thing I didn't like was how Vermeil always talked about how the team that runs more almost always wins the game. I started looking at box scores, and found that he was right, but I also started to notice that teams usually started running more after they had already taken the lead.

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30 Nov 2005, 02:02pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Martz Wants to Coach Rams this Season

Well, this is weird. Mike Martz's agent, Bob LaMonte, told Chris Mortensen that the coach will ask his doctors for permission to coach again. This caught the Rams off guard because LaMonte also negotiated Joe Vitt's raise, which would increase his salary to approximately $1 million for an entire season. Some Rams players have supported Vitt and his straight-shooting coaching style, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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29 Nov 2005, 09:10pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Blame it on Joey

Joey Harrington, meet the underside of the bus. And Dre' Bly is driving.

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29 Nov 2005, 02:57pm by Aaron Schatz

TMQ: Free the Third Quarterback

TMQ this week criticizes the third quarterback rule and the cowardly Lions, and celebrates Harvard football players, even up in Edmonton. Hey, they may have more pros, but Brown has the title.

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29 Nov 2005, 12:17pm by Aaron Schatz

NFL Admits Referee Mistakes to Seahawks

It's not as much of a problem as it could have been, since Seattle won the game anyway, but yikes. The refs rarely admit to screwing up one call in a game, let alone two touchdown calls.

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29 Nov 2005, 11:52am by Michael David Smith

Meggett Puts Super Bowl Ring on eBay

I'm not sure if Dave Meggett's Super Bowl ring doesn't fit anymore after Bill Romanowski broke his finger, or if he just wants some cash, but Meggett's Super Bowl ring is available. Opening bid is $40,000. No takers yet.

Hat tip: Ace Cowboy, who also has some good video of Jeremy Shockey celebrating what he wrongly thinks is a game-winning field goal.

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29 Nov 2005, 11:27am by P. Ryan Wilson

Colts Take Out Frustrations on Steelers

If the Colts are still considered a finesse team after laying the wood to the Steelers last night, then they're the toughest finesse team in the history of professional football.

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29 Nov 2005, 11:21am by P. Ryan Wilson

By Losing, Ravens Give Fans Hope for Draft Win

This is the conversation at the exact opposite end of the spectrum from the "If the Colts have to play their starters all 16 games to go undefeated -- even if they've clinched homefield advantage after Week 14 -- then so be it ..." but it's a reality for a handful of teams with not much else to play for. (free registration/bugmenot required)

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28 Nov 2005, 06:06pm by Aaron Schatz

Morning After: Vikings' Defense Keys Turnaround

Len Pasquarelli is a much better reporter than he is an analyst, but he's got some good analysis today. Minnesota's four-game win streak is much less about Brad Johnson and much more about the defense finally getting its act together. (DVOA agrees, and the Vikings defense is now 15th in weighted DVOA.) As Pasquarelli points out, coordinator Ted Cottrell did the same thing with the Jets three years ago -- his defense, packed with new players, struggled early but improved at mid-season as the Jets went on a second-half run.

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28 Nov 2005, 02:51pm by Russell Levine

Lions Fire Head Coach Mariucci

Not really shocking news here after the Thanksgiving Day debacle, but the real question is, how does Matt Millen still have a job? Didn't he hire Mooch? Didn't he draft three straight first-round receivers and a QB who still looks like a confused rookie in year four?

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