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22 Jan 2006, 01:28pm by Aaron Schatz

Break up the Ravens

The headline on this article is actually "There's hope Ravens offense will bear Fassel's imprint," but I think the defensive comments are more interesting. It looks like there's a better than even chance Ray Lewis will be elsewhere next season. That's an interesting question -- where does he make the best fit? Will Demps will not be re-signed and even Chris McAlister might be let go. And there's the question of the running backs, of course. Jamal Lewis sold his house in Baltimore but still says he expects the Ravens to franchise him. The Ravens can't be that stupid, right?

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21 Jan 2006, 12:45pm by P. Ryan Wilson

The Seahawks are Far From Super

This is very surprising. Skip Bayless throws the Seahawks in the wood chipper (what, you thought I was going to say "under the bus?"), and believes this might be the luckiest team ever to make it to a Super Bowl. He even goes so far as to say that one of the reasons Seattle has the advantage in tomorrow's game is because Carolina will be without DeShaun Foster. Yep, that's DeShaun "I got three yards on 3rd-and-4" Foster. If there's anything good to come out of this column, it's that Bayless promises never to return to Seattle after his latest diatribe.

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20 Jan 2006, 03:43pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Freddie Mitchell Talks His Way To The Arena League

The Philadelphia Soul, the Arena league team owned by Jon Bon Jovi and run by Ron Jaworski, are looking to sign FredEx. I found this quote from Deadspin on the matter particularly amusing: "Personally, we think that Jaworski leaked this story to the Philadelphia Inquirer simply to humiliate Mitchell, who is unlikely to sign, if just because he'd have to play defense." And worse, he'd have to play offense too.

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20 Jan 2006, 12:57pm by Aaron Schatz

FO Interview with Seahawks.net

In which Doug Farrar of Seahawks.net gets my thoughts on the Carolina-Seattle matchup and learns that once I start talking about football, I will not shut up. Yes, this is a 45 minute audio interview. I'm friendly like that. Late note: Links to a transcript are now found in the comments.

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19 Jan 2006, 07:17pm by Michael David Smith

NFL Grants 48 Early Draft Eligibility

You know about Vince Young. You know about Reggie Bush (and four of his teammates from a USC team that suddenly doesn't look so loaded). But do you know about Middle Tennessee defensive end Bobby Payne? Check out the complete list of early entrants in the draft, and if there's a player you've watched on Saturdays, feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

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19 Jan 2006, 07:14pm by Michael David Smith

Redskins Hire Assistant Al Saunders

The Daniel Snyder money train rolls along as Al Saunders, the Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator who had been thought of as a front-runner to become head coach of the Raiders, has instead accepted a position as assistant head coach and offensive coordinator. Saunders and Joe Gibbs both learned from the passing guru Don Coryell, so they should work well together.

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19 Jan 2006, 06:23pm by Michael David Smith

Indy Paper Cancels Super Bowl Plans

An interesting story from Editor & Publisher, courtesy of Jim Romenesko's excellent media blog: The Indianapolis Star had already booked eight hotel rooms in Detroit for the Super Bowl, was planning to send 20 staffers to the game, and was preparing to print special victory editions for distribution after the game in both Indianapolis and Detroit. The paper had even commissioned a book on the "Super Bowl" season, with 16 chapters already written by Colts beat writer Phil Wilson. Oops.

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19 Jan 2006, 04:22pm by Michael David Smith

Morelli's House Vandalized

On Sunday, Pete Morelli incorrectly called a Troy Polamalu interception an incompletion. On Monday, Morelli's Stockton, Calif. home was vandalized. Lieutenant Thomas Wells of the Stockton Police Department told FOXSports.com's Jay Glazer that a police report was filed after a rock was thrown through Morelli's living room window late Monday night after Morelli and his wife had gone to bed.

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19 Jan 2006, 12:39am by Aaron Schatz

FO Greatest Hits: Third Down is the Charm for NFL Turnarounds

We take you back now to that long ago time called "August," when your humble FO editor penned an article for the New York Times that concluded like so: "Seattle and Carolina addressed their third-down issues in the off-season ... making Seattle and Carolina Super Bowl contenders and making Matt Hasselbeck the answer to the question, 'Who is this year's Drew Brees?'" Five months later, here we are.

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18 Jan 2006, 11:33pm by Aaron Schatz

Do Good Teams Win Close Games?

No comments, since this is a different sport, but Justin Kubatko of Courtside Times has written an article very similar to "Guts and Stomps," but about the NBA. Thanks to reader Dan Babbitt for pointing this out. For those interested, by the way, Seattle leads the final four NFL teams with 6 "stomps," Denver and Pittsburgh each have 4, and Carolina has 2. Denver leads in "guts" (4) and Carolina leads in "skates" (4). No team has more than 2 "dominate" wins.

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