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13 Jun 2005, 12:12pm by Aaron Schatz

MMQB: Dynasty Divined

I love ya, Pete, but it may be time for an intervention.

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11 Jun 2005, 11:26pm by Aaron Schatz

Hadley Crosses the Line by Working for Rams, Too

Interesting story here about a St. Louis talk show host who has taken a job with the Rams as "'director of research and Internet consultant" while still remaining on air -- giving his opinions about the team that he now works for. I'm a little curious to speak to this John Hadley fellow, given that part of his job includes statistical analysis.

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10 Jun 2005, 08:27pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Hymes on Receiving End of Joking Comparisons to T.O.

This is what you want if you're a Ravens team that hasn't had a go-to receiver since, well, they were called the Browns. All the distractions that come with T.O. with none of the ability. Yep, sounds about right. (free registration/bugmenot required)

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10 Jun 2005, 02:05pm by Aaron Schatz

Wristbands Take Sweat out of Calling Plays

Yes, but what about leg warmers and headbands? If we're gonna go 80s, let's go it right.

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09 Jun 2005, 09:47pm by P. Ryan Wilson

The Next Step

Andrew Perloff used some heavy-duty statistical analysis to try and identify which quarterback will be the next superstar in the NFL. "After spending hours combing through every statistics book I could find, the numbers revealed an overwhelming truth: I couldn't find a trend."

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07 Jun 2005, 10:22pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Todd Makes Living With Undrafted Athletes

Hey, looky here, an agent who's not in it for the money (at least not a lot of it). This is an interesting look at the other end of the spectrum from Drew Rosenhaus and his stable of high profile clients. Ron Todd is a former college lineman who specializes in representing low round picks and undrafted free agents. He's a one-man operation based in Dayton, Ohio and he currently has four clients. He charges 3 percent commission on players making the league minimum, which makes it pretty clear that he must be in it for something other than money. Insert Sean Taylor jab here.

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07 Jun 2005, 02:27pm by Aaron Schatz

Ricky's Run Already Ended

Hey, it's another one of "Aaron Schatz's Greatest Hits," now updated with more damning anti-Ricky numbers for a brand new audience.

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06 Jun 2005, 06:41pm by Michael David Smith

Portis Agrees to Pay Ohalete for No. 26

The Jersey-Selling Trial of the Century has been averted, as Clinton Portis has agreed to pay $18,000 to former Redskins teammate Ifeanyi Ohalete. I'd be curious to know how much each guy racked up in legal fees in all this. I also think it's fair to say that from now on, anyone making a deal with Clinton Portis will demand all the money up front.

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06 Jun 2005, 01:09pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Analyst Named Miami GM

I just want to thank everyone for reading Football Outsiders over the past two years. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that goofing around with numbers on my computer would lead to such big things in such little time. FO will go on, I'm handing the keys over to Mike Smith and Russ ... wait a minute, Randy Mueller? Former Saints GM Randy Mueller? Ah, nuts. Honey, call the real estate agent and cancel, I'll go mow the lawn now.

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06 Jun 2005, 12:13pm by Michael David Smith

MMQB: Far From Finished

It's Monday, so it must be time for Peter King to tell us how much he loves Brett Favre. Peter also tells us that the Patriots will again get to the Super Bowl, and the only AFC division whose champion will change will be the South, with Jacksonville overtaking Indianapolis.

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