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19 Jul 2005, 11:12am by Michael David Smith

Legendary Colts Lineman Parker Dies at 71

Jim Parker, perhaps the best drive-blocking lineman in the history of football, has died. He was an Outland Trophy-winning two-way lineman at Ohio State. He played only offense in Baltimore and became the first one-way lineman in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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19 Jul 2005, 11:09am by Michael David Smith

Is Vince Young an NFL Prospect?

Watching the Rose Bowl with my wife this year, she asked me where I thought Vince Young would be drafted. Until she asked, I honestly had never even thought about him becoming a pro. His throwing motion is so bizarre that I just can't imagine him being an NFL quarterback. And yet, as I watched him make the Michigan defense look like a high school team, I realized that he's just too good an athlete not to find a spot somewhere on an NFL roster.

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18 Jul 2005, 08:03pm by Al Bogdan

Start the Music: Bills Finally Send RB Henry to Titans

Travis Henry to Tennessee for a third round pick. Henry should enter training camp as the Titans' #1 running back with Chris Brown injured yet again. Adjust your cheat sheets accordingly.

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16 Jul 2005, 12:17am by P. Ryan Wilson

Man Flagged by Police for Impersonating Steeler QBs

This guy is also available for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, and weddings. The funniest thing to come out of this story is that Brian Jackson, the impersonator, was actually able to get a date by pretending to be the Steelers third string QB, Brian St. Pierre. The second funniest thing to come out of this was that Jackson ruined a perfectly good Roethlisberger jersey by signing it.

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15 Jul 2005, 06:38pm by Michael David Smith

Tip Sheet: Right Tackles Wanted

Scott Gragg is a 10-year veteran offensive tackle who doesn't have a job, but it seems certain that someone will want him. There's been a high rate of turnover at right tackle this off-season, and it'd be nice to have a dependable veteran on hand. I don't understand why the Lions, whose coach, Steve Mariucci, worked with Gragg in San Francisco, don't sign him. Right now they project Kelly Butler, a sixth-round pick last year who hardly played as a rookie, as their starter.

Len Pasquarelli also reports on his usual blend of contracts, trades, and other front-office dealings.

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15 Jul 2005, 06:20pm by Michael David Smith

Coleman to Cop: Do You Know Who I Am?

Rod Coleman is one of the best pass-rushing defensive tackles in the league, but from the sound of this article, he's also a jackass. He was arrested for misdemeanor disorderly conduct during a traffic stop this morning, allegedly swearing at an officer and asking, "Do you know who I am?" The AP reports that Coleman said, "I wish you would touch my (expletive) truck. Do you know who I am? I play for the Falcons."

Coleman missed three games last season after being injured in a car crash.

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13 Jul 2005, 02:49pm by Michael David Smith

Collinsworth Joins NBC Sunday Night Team

For the second time, NBC has signed an analyst from another network's No. 1 team. After landing John Madden to do the color commentary on Sunday Night Football starting in 2006, the Peacock has inked Cris Collinsworth to work in the studio with Bob Costas, currently his HBO Inside the NFL partner. Collinsworth has worked for NBC in the past and could branch off into covering the Olympics as well.

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12 Jul 2005, 12:20pm by Aaron Schatz

Football Commentary: Overtime Model

C'mon Feel the Math! Our good friend William Krasker is back, using his statistical model to ask the question: Does overtime -- and the presence of a third possible outcome, a tie -- change the optimal strategy for certain situations? The answer: Yes, and it matters more later in the season because teams know how a tie will affect their playoff chances. As an example, Krasker shows how a St. Louis decision to punt in overtime of Week 17 was the wrong decision, even though it would usually be the right decision.

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11 Jul 2005, 01:47pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Postseason Repeats Might Hinge on These Guys

Pete Prisco takes a look at twelve players he thinks will play a big part in getting their respective teams to the playoffs this season. He puts New England DT Vince Wilfork first on the list, but I'm not certain that any one player (other than, ahem, Tom Brady) can't be replaced on this team (even Richard Seymour).

In his notes from 'Around the League,' Prisco also discusses the upcoming supplemental draft, the derision with which team scouts refer to the national scouting bureaus, and why the Falcons are giving Peerless Price one more chance to be the go-to guy.

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10 Jul 2005, 04:55pm by Aaron Schatz

Cap Cuts vs. Patriots

Lots of websites do a "cap cut all-star team" when they need off-season content, but FOX has done something fun with theirs, comparing the cap cut all-stars to the World Champs position by position and then imagining what a game between the two teams would be like. Two problems: They don't really consider the injury situation with some of the cap cuts like Ty Law and Richie Anderson, and I think the cap cut all-stars would have to make some cap cuts to actually fit under the cap.

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