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01 Sep 2010, 07:42pm by Brian Fremeau

FO Basics: Our College Stats

Continuing our FO Basics feature series, Brian Fremeau discusses the differences between our college stats.

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25 Aug 2010, 03:03pm by Brian Fremeau

FEI: Rating the Programs

How healthy is your favorite college football program right now? Brian Fremeau's Approximated Program Power ratings have a strong relationship with championship contention and recruiting prowess. That can't be a coincidence, right?

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02 Jul 2010, 06:23pm by Brian Fremeau

F/+ 2009 Projection Retrospective

With the release of College Football Almanac 2010, we take a look at the success of the F/+ projection formula against the 2009 schedule.

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22 Jun 2010, 03:10pm by Bill Connelly

2010 College Football Preseason Top 10

If you are done arguing about the merits of Tennessee and Boise State, it is time for the real argument to begin. Behold the Football Outsiders preseason college football Top 10.

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21 Jun 2010, 03:30pm by Bill Connelly

2010 College Preseason Top 25 (11-25)

It's never too early for college football -- or an argument about who deserves to be number one. But first, let's argue about who should be number 11, as Football Outsiders unveils the first 15 teams on our preseason Top 25.

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12 Jan 2010, 01:55pm by Brian Fremeau

Final 2009 FEI Ratings

After toppling Texas, Alabama is a clear-cut No. 1, but there are plenty of surprises in the final FEI ratings after that. Brian Fremeau discusses the peculiarities of a season that left us wondering and wanting more.

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09 Dec 2009, 12:20pm by Brian Fremeau

Week 14 FEI Ratings

The game may not have lived up to expectations, but Alabama's performance in the SEC Championship Game deserves recognition as the most impressive performance of the season.

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02 Dec 2009, 11:25am by Brian Fremeau

Week 13 FEI Ratings

Notre Dame and Charlie Weis had the opportunity and offensive weapons to win close games, but they didn't do themselves any favors in the red zone or on special teams.

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25 Nov 2009, 11:41am by Brian Fremeau

Week 12 FEI Ratings

The FEI ratings didn't shake up very much after a mostly forgettable weekend that featured blowout victories and very few games between teams at the top.

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18 Nov 2009, 01:57am by Brian Fremeau

Week 11 FEI Ratings

Stanford is the hottest team in the nation right now, but are they in the midst of the best breakout season in college football?

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