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06 Sep 2012, 02:28pm by Andy Benoit

Film Room: Packers-Niners

Film Room breaks down the 49ers and the Packers. What will the Packers do with Jermichael Finley?

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30 Aug 2012, 01:40pm by Andy Benoit

Film Room: The Rise of the Tight End

What does a two-tight end formation do to help an offense? Why is it in vogue?

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15 Aug 2012, 12:44pm by Andy Benoit

Film Room: Make or Break

Don't worry too much about who your team is starting. Worry that they may not have the pieces to match up and win in make-or-break situations.

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31 Jul 2012, 11:19am by Andy Benoit

Film Room: Understanding Cornerbacks

Andy Benoit's first Film Room focuses on the skill sets of Nnamdi Asomugha and Asante Samuel. What does a real shutdown corner do?

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20 Oct 2011, 12:56pm by Doug Farrar

Cover-2: The No-Huddle Defense

John Wooden used to say, "Be quick, but don't hurry." The best way to beat complex defenses is to find ways to do both on a regular basis.

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13 Oct 2011, 10:02am by Doug Farrar

Cover-2: Birds Out of Hand

The Eagles' pass defense is clearly a disappointment, but just how bad are Nnamdi and Friends this year? We go under the hood with a little help from Greg Cosell.

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05 Oct 2011, 12:33pm by Doug Farrar

Cover-2: View From the Press Box

With the benefit of the ultimate All-22 view, we investigate how Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner fared against Julio Jones this weekend.

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21 Sep 2011, 12:56pm by Doug Farrar

Cover-2: Reality Checks

What a difference a week makes. While Cam Newton tried to survive the inevitable shaky sequel to his historic debut, the Seahawks may be looking for a re-do on youth over experience where it really counts.

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14 Sep 2011, 09:38am by Doug Farrar

Cover-2: Here Comes the Sun King

In his return to the land where he won all the Tostitos, Cam Newton showed that he's (mostly) ready for the pros. Plus: What the hell was Tony Romo thinking?

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31 Aug 2011, 10:45am by Doug Farrar

Cover-2: Misplaced Assets

Is Mario Williams really a weakside "endbacker", or has the Texans' 3-4 switch left him as the odd man out? And what's the deal with Von Miller, SAM linebacker? In the return of Cover-2, Doug Farrar finds out what's in a positional name.

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