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12 Oct 2017, 09:46am by Charles McDonald

Film Room: Big Ben's Bevy of Blunders

Charles McDonald goes over all five of Ben Roethlisberger's interceptions last Sunday to see just how Dante Fowler and the Jaguars forced him into so many mistakes.

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05 Oct 2017, 06:11pm by Derrik Klassen

Film Room: Matthew Stafford

The Lions quarterback is the highest-paid player in the NFL. So why does Detroit's game plan give him so few opportunities to make big-time plays?

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28 Sep 2017, 03:24pm by Charles McDonald

Film Room: Deshaun Watson

Against New England, Houston's rookie quarterback showed that he still has some holes in his game. He also showed the kind of confidence and play-making ability that can turn a franchise around.

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21 Sep 2017, 11:25am by Derrik Klassen

Film Room: Rams Offense

Jared Goff and Todd Gurley suffered through a disastrous season in 2016, but Sean McVay's schemes have put both players in a position to succeed.

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14 Sep 2017, 12:15pm by Charles McDonald

Film Room: Kansas City's Option Offense

How did the Chiefs upset the Patriots in New England? By proving that the old college standard, the option play, still has a home in the NFL.

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02 Feb 2017, 03:09pm by Scott Kacsmar

Film Room: Receiving Backs in Super Bowl LI

The Patriots and Falcons each have a couple of high-quality receiving backs, but which defense is more likely to continue to struggle covering running backs in the passing game? Also: the greatness of the wheel route.

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01 Feb 2017, 12:21pm by Cian Fahey

Film Room: Devonta Freeman

He doesn't get as much attention as his teammates (or even coaches), but the Falcons running back is one of the league's most dangerous weapons.

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25 Jan 2017, 01:47pm by Cian Fahey

Film Room: Belichick's Defense

How did New England shut down Pittsburgh's offense? And why are similar tactics unlikely to work against Atlanta? Cian Fahey explains.

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19 Jan 2017, 12:16pm by Cian Fahey

Film Room: Jared Cook

He made the biggest catch of the playoffs so far, but Green Bay's tight end had a lot of bad plays against Dallas too.

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12 Jan 2017, 12:26pm by Cian Fahey

Film Room: Le'Veon Bell

Cian Fahey shows how the Pittsburgh star's versatility makes him the NFL's best running back.

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