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06 Oct 2008, 09:29am by Bill Barnwell

Peterson, Taylor Form Dynamic Duo

This week's Monday Night Football column attempts to rank the best running back combinations since 1970.

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27 Sep 2008, 09:09pm by Bill Barnwell

Tomlin Should Avoid Sophomore Slump

This week's Monday Night Football column explores the possibility that successful first-year coaches undergo a sophomore slump, and why such a slump might exist.

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21 Sep 2008, 11:10am by Aaron Schatz

Top Small Running Backs

In honor of Darren Sproles, this week's MNF feature takes a look at the top 10 small running backs (maximum 5-foot-9 and 200 pounds) since the AFL-NFL merger. Two of the top three are playing right now.

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14 Sep 2008, 10:07am by Mike Tanier

Owens Key to Cowboys' Success

In this week's Monday Night Football feature, we look at how the Eagles shut down the Cowboys in Week 15 of last season, and what they need to do to shut them down again in Week 2 of 2008.

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