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21 Jan 2016, 12:33pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Cardinals' Blitz-Heavy Strategy Could Backfire Against Newton

A little preview of the NFC Championship preview coming Friday on Football Outsiders. Arizona blitzes more than any other team in the league, but it may not be a good strategy against Cam Newton.

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20 Jan 2016, 03:27pm by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Manning's Playoff Career Worthy of More Respect

Over at ESPN Insider, a look at Tom Brady and Peyton Manning's playoff records. So often wins and losses come down to one play, and the difference between Brady's 22-8 and Manning's 12-13 is heavily determined by six specific plays where neither quarterback was even on the field: four field goals and two plays by defenders named Moore. We'll be expanding this article with a look at similar plays for other current top quarterbacks in a second article on Football Outsiders next week.

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14 Jan 2016, 02:30pm by Andrew Healy

ESPN: How Kansas City Can Knock Off Patriots

Get a bit of a preview of tomorrow's Football Outsiders playoff previews, as Andrew Healy looks at some of the matchups that could favor Kansas City against New England despite the loss of Jeremy Maclin.

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13 Jan 2016, 01:43pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Seahawks' Four-Year Run is Second to None

In an ESPN Insider column today, I looked at DVOA over the last four seasons, including the playoffs. FO readers know, of course, that Seattle is No. 1, but can you guess which other franchises have been among the top ten over the four-year span? You'll find out that Carolina has been better than you probably remember, and that Detroit has been surprisingly consistent in its mediocrity.

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06 Jan 2016, 05:41pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Breakout Players to Watch in January

I went through and looked at some lesser-known players who could make a big impact in the postseason. Well, lesser-known to most fans. I'm sure FO readers have heard of most of these guys: Tyler Lockett, David Johnson, James White, Kawann Short, Whitney Mercilus, Ryan Shazier, Ron Parker, and (as the next Justin Bethel/Matthew Slater on punt coverage) Jeff Janis.

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10 Dec 2015, 01:46pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Chiefs Now Among NFL's Best Teams

A closer look at what's changed since Week 5 for the Kansas City Chiefs, who actually have the highest DVOA in the league (50.3%) for Weeks 5-13.

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09 Dec 2015, 02:20pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Ranking Head Coaches by Strategic Decision-Making

Which NFL coaches are best at handling key in-game situations such as challenges and fourth-down gambles? Using a metric called Strategic Score, Andrew Healy constructs the list. Ron Rivera is No. 1 for 2015.

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20 Nov 2015, 01:28pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: NFL's Luckiest and Unluckiest Teams

Here's an article on ESPN Insider looking at which teams are likely to see regression in the second half because of elements of the game that are either out of their control or simply non-predictive. Among the items analyzed: performance in close games, fumble recovery rates, dropped passes by opponents, dropped interceptions, and performance by opposing kickers.

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05 Nov 2015, 03:05pm by Andrew Healy

ESPN: Unbeaten Teams' Odds of Staying Perfect

This ESPN Insider piece looks at each of the 7-0 teams and their chances of going unbeaten through each of the remaining games on the schedule. The Patriots' have the best chance, but it's important to remember that three of these teams' toughest games of the year will come in the postseason. So New England's 7.1 percent chance of going 16-0 only works out to a 2.3 percent chance of going 19-0.

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04 Nov 2015, 02:05pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Hardest/Easiest Schedules Remaining

Today's ESPN Insider feature looks at the teams with the toughest and easiest remaining schedules. Rather than simply using average DVOA of remaining opponents, we ranked schedules by going through game-by-game to figure out how often an average (0.0%) DVOA team would be expected to win each game, accounting for both the opponent and whether the game was on the road or at home.

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