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19 Sep 2015, 02:25pm by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Week 2 DraftKings Late Matchups

Some of our favorite DFS plays for Week 2 late games include Tony Romo, Chris Ivory and Davante Adams.

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17 Sep 2015, 12:20pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Peyton Manning No Longer Equipped to Save His O-Line

Don't jump to conclusions over just one week, but Peyton Manning's Week 1 struggles echoed some of the negative trends from his second-half decline in 2014. And if Peyton isn't the Peyton of old, then that Denver offensive line is a bigger problem than we thought.

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16 Sep 2015, 01:30pm by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Week 2 DraftKings Matchups

We recap our fantasy picks from Week 1 and look at Week 2 players to target in DFS, including Nick Foles, Bishop Sankey and Terrance Williams.

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12 Sep 2015, 01:20pm by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Week 1 DraftKings Late Matchups

Some of our favorite DFS matchups in the Week 1 late games include Sam Bradford, Stevie Johnson and Delanie Walker.

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10 Sep 2015, 10:28pm by Brian Fremeau

ESPN: Ohio State Schedule Swap

How many wins would the Buckeyes be projected to get if they didn't play in the Big Ten?

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09 Sep 2015, 01:06pm by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: Week 1 DraftKings Matchups

Some of our favorite players to target in DFS in Week 1 include Tyrod Taylor, Davante Adams and Chris Ivory.

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08 Sep 2015, 05:47pm by Andrew Healy

ESPN: Does Curse of 370 Apply to DeMarco Murray?

Yes, DeMarco Murray was overworked last year, but there are reasons to believe that the Curse of 370 may not destroy his 2015 season quite as much as expected.

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02 Sep 2015, 12:23pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Overrated and Underrated in ESPN's Top 100

Each year that ESPN has done its #NFLRANK list of the top 100 players in the NFL, Football Outsiders has provided an audit that lists players we think are overrated and underrated on that list. Here's our audit for 2015, starting with the high probability that Adrian Peterson is no longer the top running back in the game. Also overrated: Joe Haden and Joe Staley. Underrated: Andrew Whitworth, Josh Sitton, and Connor Barwin.

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27 Aug 2015, 09:28am by Scott Kacsmar

ESPN: 2015 Rankings for Under-25 Talent

Our annual rankings for NFL teams' under-25 talent has the Cowboys on top thanks to a well-executed plan for the offensive line. The Seahawks again rank 32nd, as their last few young stars just turned 25.

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26 Aug 2015, 01:00pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Top 25 Prospects 2015

Here's the ESPN Insider version of our Top 25 Prospects list from Football Outsiders Almanac 2015. Once again, this is our annual list of the top prospects among later-drafted and undrafted players who aren't rookies anymore, but are still young with potential to blossom and become important pieces on their teams. Pittsburgh's Martavis Bryant is this year's No. 1.

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