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16 Jan 2012, 02:40am by Rivers McCown

ESPN: Can Ravens Slow Patriots Attack?

The Ravens finished No. 1 in defensive DVOA and defensive DVOA against the pass, but how much does that actually matter against the Patriots offense?

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13 Jan 2012, 09:46am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: FO All-Pro Team

ESPN asked for a Football Outsiders All-Pro Team, and so I delivered. Go ahead and debate.

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10 Jan 2012, 08:51pm by Brian Fremeau

ESPN: SEC Pecking Order

Alabama and LSU remain the teams to beat next year, but the SEC has a history of turnover at the top. Brian Fremeau publishes the new 2011 Program FEI ratings and discusses the possible 2012 fortunes of the five SEC programs best positioned to contend with the Tigers and Crimson Tide.

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10 Jan 2012, 02:08pm by Vincent Verhei

ESPN AGS: Broncos over Steelers

Tim Tebow's success on Sunday ran counter to the numbers put up by the Steelers defense this year -- but not counter to the numbers put up by Tebow himself. Throwing deep is what he does well. And he'll continue to do it against the Patriots this weekend.

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09 Jan 2012, 04:12pm by Aaron Schatz

Aaron Schatz on B.S. Report

Here's my appearance for the second round of the playoffs on the big B.S. Report playoffs mega-podcast. Bill Barnwell and I are on different parts of the podcast this week.

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04 Jan 2012, 09:32pm by Brian Fremeau

ESPN: Michigan Isn't Back Yet

After an 11-2 season and Sugar Bowl win, the Wolverines are going to be a preseason poll darling in 2012. That doesn't bode well for year two under Brady Hoke.

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04 Jan 2012, 01:18pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Underrated/Overrated Players for 2011

Two pieces here on ESPN Insider today, using FO stats to point out five players whose 2011 seasons were unappreciated and five players whose 2011 seasons were not as good as standard stats indicate.

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03 Jan 2012, 05:18pm by Aaron Schatz

B.S. Report Playoff Podcast: Round I

Hey folks, I'm back on the Bill Simmons podcast weekly during the NFL playoffs, giving my thoughts on this weekend's games as well as the Super Bowl favorites. Old pal Bill Barnwell is on this podcast as well.

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03 Jan 2012, 05:16pm by Vincent Verhei

ESPN AGS: Chiefs over Broncos

Has the magic run out for Tim Tebow? There actually are some promising names on a list of QB seasons by similarity scores... until you realize all those names played 30 years ago and the game has changed an awful lot since then.

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29 Dec 2011, 05:56pm by Danny Tuccitto

ESPN: Week 17 Fantasy Matchups

After adjusting for year-to-date averages and strength of Week 17 opponent, do quarterbacks on teams with something to play for play better than those who don't? The answer's somewhat nuanced, but it will probably surprise you.

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