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23 Sep 2010, 02:00pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: Fantasy Matchups 2010, Week 3

This week's fantasy matchups column talks about players who are undervalued because of their early schedule before going into the usual analysis.

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23 Sep 2010, 11:10am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Week 3 Numbers Crunching

It's always hard to find good Numbers Crunching stuff after just two games, but this mix of 2009 and 2010 stats has some interesting tidbits, including suggestions on what the Cowboys should do against the Texans and how the Saints should game-plan for Matt Ryan.

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21 Sep 2010, 12:15pm by Vincent Verhei

ESPN AGS: Bears over Cowboys

Can you name the last offensive lineman drafted by Dallas in the first round? Hint: It was in 1981.

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18 Sep 2010, 01:16pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: Turnover Regression For 49ers, Saints

This week's Monday Night Football feature column is on the expected turnover regression for the 49ers and Saints this year, using drive stats and historical comparables.

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16 Sep 2010, 08:55pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Week 2 Numbers Crunching

Among the tidbits in this week's Numbers Crunching: The Steelers defense could (maybe) slow down Chris Johnson, the Cardinals should stay spread against Atlanta, and the Panthers should break a lot of tackles this week.

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16 Sep 2010, 03:32pm by Brian Fremeau

ESPN: Another Two-Loss Champion In 2010?

Is 2010 destined to head down the same path as 2007, a season marked by unexpected upsets and poll instability? Our projected win expectations suggest there may very well be several elite teams with damaged resumes at season's end. Boise State and TCU are already in prime position to take advantage.

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16 Sep 2010, 03:08pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: Fantasy Matchups 2010, Week 2

This week's fantasy matchups column reviews some of the things that happened in Week 1 of the 2009 season as part of National Jump to Conclusions Week.

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14 Sep 2010, 12:34pm by Vincent Verhei

ESPN AGS: Texans over Colts

As the first Any Given Sunday of the season points out, it isn't Houston's victory over Indianapolis that is important. It's how the Texans won, finally showing a running game to compliment their passing game and exposing the return of Indy's run defense issues.

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11 Sep 2010, 02:37pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Young RB Similarity Scores

The first ESPN Insider MNF feature has fun with similarity scores for the young running backs playing this Monday night: Jamaal Charles, Ray Rice, and Shonn Greene. (Ryan Mathews, of course, can't have scores since he's a rookie.) Before you click on the piece, see if you can name the only two players other than Charles to average 5.75 yards per carry with at least 150 carries (since 1978).

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09 Sep 2010, 03:51pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: 2010 Week 1 Fantasy Matchups

The FO Fantasy Matchups column returns for its fourth season. This week, we talk about why you should start Hines Ward and bench Anquan Boldin.

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