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01 Feb 2011, 04:04pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: The Hidden Factors of Super Bowls

This ESPN Insider feature looks at the winning factors that were underestimated in the past four Super Bowls.

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31 Jan 2011, 06:55pm by Aaron Schatz

B.S. Report Super Bowl Podcast

It's time for another Bill Simmons playoff mega-podcast, featuring yours truly giving a bit of a preview of the stats you'll find later this week in our Super Bowl XLV preview. My segment starts at 26:00.

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27 Jan 2011, 05:13pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: On Scheme Change and Player Value

This feature at ESPN Insider takes a look at four shifts in scheme and coaching around the league and forecasts how it will affect the players on that roster.

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25 Jan 2011, 07:06pm by Vincent Verhei

ESPN AGS: Lessons from Green Bay's Losses

This year we're adding something new to Any Given Sunday, with two articles looking at the regular-season losses of the two Super Bowl teams. What ties them together, and what can we learn from the similarities? First Green Bay, with Pittsburgh coming next week.

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25 Jan 2011, 02:18pm by Brian Fremeau

ESPN: Texas May Choose Independence

Texas is in a unique position, financially and competitively, to reject conference affiliation entirely and become an independent. How might that decision impact the Longhorns and college football as a whole?

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20 Jan 2011, 01:54pm by Vincent Verhei

ESPN AGS: Jets over Patriots

The Patriots needed to blitz Mark Sanchez on Sunday, and they didn't. Will the Steelers make the same mistake? And will the Jets play the same heavy coverage-oriented defense against Ben Roethlisberger that they played against Tom Brady?

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19 Jan 2011, 01:35pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: Starter Games Lost and the Packers

We've got an article up on ESPN covering the Bears-Packers matchup and how there's been a dramatic disparity in injuries between the two teams.

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17 Jan 2011, 05:07pm by Aaron Schatz

B.S. Report Conference Championship Podcast

Or as Bill Simmons calls it, "recovering Patriots fan edition." We break down the Pats loss and the conference championships. I apologize for the fact that we discuss the Patriots before we get into the rest of the playoffs. Forward to 28:00 to skip to the start of my conversation with Bill, and 34:00 if you want to skip the Patriots talk.

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14 Jan 2011, 03:00pm by Brian Fremeau

ESPN: Program FEI Loves The SEC

Brian Fremeau updates the Program FEI, a weighted, five-year assessment of possession efficiency and one of the baseline metrics for our 2011 projections.

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12 Jan 2011, 11:55am by Vincent Verhei

ESPN AGS: Seahawks over Saints

AGS analyzes how rare the Seahawks' upset was and how likely it is to happen again.

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