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09 Sep 2010, 03:51pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: 2010 Week 1 Fantasy Matchups

The FO Fantasy Matchups column returns for its fourth season. This week, we talk about why you should start Hines Ward and bench Anquan Boldin.

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09 Sep 2010, 12:44pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Week 1 Numbers Crunching

Numbers Crunching is back for another year, filled with FO stats on this week's matchups.

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08 Sep 2010, 01:10pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: Super Bowl Stories

In this look at why the Saints are extremely unlikely to repeat, we craft a story for each of the five previous Super Bowl winners and why their fans would have expected them to repeat, and what happened to prevent them from doing so.

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07 Sep 2010, 10:04am by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: Elderly Bengals WRs

To accompany a piece on whether the Bengals will succeed with Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco at quarterback, I looked at old wideout tandems from the past.

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06 Sep 2010, 04:58pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Dallas Troubles Begin Up Front

Today's preseason debate on the ESPN.com NFL page is "Will Dallas become the first Super Bowl home team?" As a sidebar, we've contributed this Insider piece about the Cowboys' Achilles heel, the aging offensive line. Nothing new really, if you've already read FOA 2010. By the way, the line "In other words: the Cowboys are due" was added by the editors; no, we don't think that a very healthy team is more likely to be injured the next year. The issue is that a very healthy team is just as likely to have average health the next year.

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04 Sep 2010, 12:43pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: Washington 2010's Surprise Contender

This ESPN Insider story looks at three strong indicators that have driven the NFL's biggest turnarounds over the last three seasons: improved health, improvement at quarterback, and Pythagorean regression to the mean. One team qualifies in all three areas, which is why we're picking Washington as a 2010 playoff team.

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02 Sep 2010, 12:45pm by Mike Tanier

ESPN: Running Back Glossary

As part of the ESPN Magazine NFL preview, we put together this glossary of terms related to the running game, now available online for those with Insider accounts.

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02 Sep 2010, 12:26pm by Bill Connelly

ESPN: Terrelle Pryor Readies for the Leap

Knock Terrelle Pryor if you want, but he's performing like an elite recruit should.

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31 Aug 2010, 11:00am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Chasing Favre's Records

This ESPN Insider piece adapts Bill James' old "Favorite Toy" method to look at the odds that one of today's players will eventually break Brett Favre's passing records. Favre's constant un-retirements have made it a lot less likely that Peyton Manning will eventually hold his records, but there's one Favre record that will probably go down. It's a record he doesn't hold yet, and the quarterback to pass it won't be Manning.

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30 Aug 2010, 04:29pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: Oakland's Real Black Hole

ESPN will be running a series of back-and-forths over the next couple of weeks for free; we'll be the ones shouting on the side, "But what about..." for the Insider perspective. Today's feature is on the Raiders and their miserable record of player development over the past few seasons.

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