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27 Mar 2008, 09:26pm by Aaron Schatz

FO on ESPN: Quarterback Abuse 2007

This week's ESPN.com column looks at which quarterbacks were knocked to the ground most often in 2007, and which offenses protected quarterbacks the best when we count both sacks and hits. I know, I know, people will complain that this is yet another Patriots-centric article, but I was wracking my brain trying to figure out a good anchor for the piece, and it was the only thing I could come up with. We'll look at defenses (and defenders) with the most hits next week.

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20 Mar 2008, 01:17pm by Mike Tanier

FO on ESPN: Faneca Provides Upgrade to Jets' Offensive Line

This week's FO column on ESPN.com explains how Alan Faneca upgrades the Jets all across the line, not just at left guard.

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12 Mar 2008, 05:24pm by Aaron Schatz

FO on ESPN: Saints' Secondary Problems Should Be Priority

This week's ESPN column talks about how Jonathan Vilma and Dan Morgan won't do much to fix the New Orleans defense, even if both manage to actually stay healthy. Unfortunately, the WWL cut my joke about the Saints replacing the fleur-de-lis on Jason David's helmet with the logo for "Smuckers."

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05 Mar 2008, 02:11pm by Aaron Schatz

FO on ESPN: Favre's Longevity, Durability Set Him Apart

Was Brett Favre the greatest quarterback in modern NFL history? As I detail in this week's ESPN.com column, the answer depends on how much weight you put on peak performance vs. career value. Using the metrics from the "best quarterback seasons ever" article in PFP 2005, Favre doesn't have a single season in the top 50. Yet, how many quarterbacks gave their teams 15 years of above-average play (and one of slightly below-average play) at football's most important position -- without missing a game?

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28 Feb 2008, 02:17pm by Aaron Schatz

FO on ESPN: Free Agent WR Unimpressive

Let's kickoff my weekly off-season column on ESPN.com with a look at similarity scores for some of this year's free agent wide receivers: Bernard Berrian, D.J. Hackett, Donte' Stallworth, Marty Booker, and not actually Randy Moss. Sorry about the brief post of this yesterday -- ESPN had it up and then decided to hold it one day to run as part of a larger FA package. (By the way, no "FO Goes Mainstream" box on the front page for the off-season, since this weekly ESPN column is pretty much all we'll be doing for larger sites for a while.)

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31 Jan 2008, 03:41pm by Aaron Schatz

Bill Simmons Podcast for Super Bowl XLII

Here's my final appearance on the Bill Simmons podcast, at least for the 2007 season. Giants fans will no doubt be ticked off, Rams fans will appreciate my appreciation, and everyone else will wonder why Rams fans should care about a Super Bowl XLII preview. Also this week: a superfluous Mike Tanier reference! To listen, go to the Sports Guy page on ESPN (linked) and click the podcast in the upper right.

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31 Jan 2008, 03:10pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Numbers Crunching: Super Bowl XLII

Here we go with the last ESPN stat notebook of the year. I had to cut at least half of the material I compiled, so believe me, there's plenty left for the FO Super Bowl preview tomorrow. Consider this a nice little preview of the preview.

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25 Jan 2008, 02:55pm by Aaron Schatz

Giants One of Worst Teams to Reach Super Bowl

Sorry to sound like a broken record about this, but I don't think people understand how weak the Giants are in comparison with past Super Bowl teams... and that includes their postseason run of greatness. One tidbit here that people probably have not heard: Out of the 10 teams that required three wins in order to make the Super Bowl, the Giants have the LOWEST average margin of victory in the playoffs.

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17 Jan 2008, 09:59pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Numbers Crunching: Championship Weekend

Here are the ESPN stat notebooks for the AFC and NFC championship games. More to come with our game previews on Friday.

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16 Jan 2008, 09:05pm by Aaron Schatz

Bill Simmons Podcast Championship Preview

Here we are, me and Bill Simmons, previewing this weekend's championship games. We get a little Patriots-centric in here, apologies to those of you from the rest of the country. Also, can you tell from the quality of my voice that I'm fighting off a cold? Man, this has been the sickest year of my life. My stuff starts the podcast, it goes about a half hour, and you can hear it by going to the Sports Guy page and looking in the upper right corner.

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