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04 Jan 2010, 10:49pm by Aaron Schatz

Bill Simmons NFL Playoffs Podcast Spectacular

Hey, kids! It's that time of year, with this first edition of the weekly Bill Simmons NFL Playoffs Podcast, featuring yours truly along with Cousin Sal, Chad Millman, and Michael Lombardi. My segment starts about 40 minutes in.

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31 Dec 2009, 06:57pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Week 17 Numbers Crunching

The final Numbers Crunching of the regular season goes a little extra for the most important games, with lots of good information on quarterbacks against the blitz from the Football Outsiders Game Charting Project.

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31 Dec 2009, 01:57pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: Fantasy Matchups, Week 17

Somehow, my penultimate sentence became "And convince your league commissioner to move your draft to Week 16 next year. " That should be your championship game, but I like the idea of drafting in Week 16, too.

Here's the final fantasy matchups column of the year, with a different format for the weird week.

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29 Dec 2009, 07:14pm by Vincent Verhei

ESPN AGS: Bucs over Saints

Vince Verhei looks at what's gone wrong in New Orleans over the past few weeks. The main problems: opponents have taken away the deep pass, while taking advantage of the Saints' poor run defense.

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27 Dec 2009, 02:13pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: Fixing The Bears' Offense

This week's ESPN feature looks at the Bears' offense and what they need to do to help out Jay Cutler.

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24 Dec 2009, 11:37am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Week 16 Numbers Crunching

Here is our weekly look at games through the lens of Football Outsiders statistics. Among this week's findings: Pittsburgh may want to consider using more play fakes, Houston should blitz more against the Dolphins, and Patrick Willis doesn't just rack up tackles -- he racks up successful tackles.

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24 Dec 2009, 11:03am by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: Fantasy Matchups, Week 16

Championship Week Fantasy Matchups are up. And yes, there's plenty of discussion regarding Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne, and whether they're benchable this week against the Jets and Revis Island.

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22 Dec 2009, 01:15pm by Vincent Verhei

ESPN AGS: Panthers Over Vikings

This week's Any Given Sunday covers the Vikings' loss to the Panthers, and whether they're built to play from behind.

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20 Dec 2009, 02:50pm by J.I. Halsell

ESPN: New Era for Redskins

For this week's ESPN MNF feature, our man J.I. Halsell takes a look at what Bruce Allen's management skills could mean for the Redskins -- especially if there's an uncapped 2010.

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18 Dec 2009, 03:26pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: Fantasy Matchups, Week 15

A quick review of why the Steelers' defense is overrated by yards allowed before moving onto this week's fantasy analysis.

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