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05 Sep 2008, 12:20am by Bill Barnwell

FO on ESPN: Week 1 Matchups

This year, the matchups column you saw on Rotoworld last year will appear weekly on ESPN, with new, improved methodologies getting its back.

Instead of pinning my justification for the column on Alex Smith (not the smartest thing I've ever done), we're looking at the greatest back no one's ever heard of.

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04 Sep 2008, 01:12pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Numbers Crunching: Week 1

Here's the season premiere of ESPN.com Numbers Crunching, featuring a look at a couple of interesting 2007 FO stats for each of this weekend's games.

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02 Sep 2008, 10:02pm by Aaron Schatz

B.S. Report 9/2/08

I'll be appearing regularly on Bill Simmons' "B.S. Report" podcast this season; here's our first edition, with a look at lots of material from PFP 08 and many of my thoughts about the upcoming season. Link goes to Simmons' main page on ESPN; look for the podcast over on the right side.

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02 Sep 2008, 09:59pm by Aaron Schatz

FO on ESPN: Top 10 Prospects

If you haven't had a chance to pick up Pro Football Prospectus 2008, here's a (slightly re-ordered) look at the under-the-radar prospects who top our second annual Top Prospects list.

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22 Aug 2008, 03:05pm by Bill Barnwell

FO on ESPN: Catch This

This week's ESPN column is about Wes Welker and his sublime catch rate from last year.

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08 Aug 2008, 10:04am by Doug Farrar

FO on ESPN: Does Preseason Success Matter?

This week's ESPN piece discusses a particular preseason stat -- yards per carry -- which indicates first-year success for lesser-known (third-round or lower, or undrafted) rookie running backs. If you want to be ahead of the pack on the next Ahmad Bradshaw or Pierre Thomas, YPC over the average seems to be a good way to go. At the end of the preseason, I'll post a list of the qualifying rookie backs whose YPC is highest over the average.

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02 Aug 2008, 08:56pm by Doug Farrar

FO on ESPN: Panthers' Sack Numbers Could Rebound

This week's ESPN column is about the "dramastic" sack decline suffered by the 2007 Carolina Panthers, and the rebound indicators for other teams with large dips in Adjusted Sack Rate from one season to the next.

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25 Jul 2008, 01:34pm by Aaron Schatz

FO on ESPN: Bad News Bears Offense Has Little Hope

Here's a (somewhat table-free) look at similarity scores for the pathetic 2008 Chicago Bears offense. Yikes.

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10 Jul 2008, 09:36pm by Aaron Schatz

FO on ESPN.com: Top RB Draft Classes

This week's ESPN.com column uses the method from PFP 2007's "Best Running Back Seasons" essay to figure out the best running back draft classes in modern NFL history. Part one looks at the best rookie seasons, while part two looks at the best classes in career value. Both parts are now posted as of Friday afternoon.

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03 Jul 2008, 05:30pm by Bill Barnwell

FO on ESPN: 2008 Day Two Favorites

In Part Two of our look at Day Two of the NFL Draft on ESPN, we peg 10 guys who are best-positioned to be successful NFL players.

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