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23 Oct 2009, 03:05pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: Fantasy Matchups 2009, Week 7

A two-parter!

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23 Oct 2009, 10:51am by Bill Connelly

ESPN: The Value of Home Field

This week's ESPN college football feature takes a look at home-field advantage in college football. How big is HFA in general? Do certain teams have a bigger HFA than others? And what does this say about the chances of Boise State getting upset this weekend?

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22 Oct 2009, 04:03pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Week 7 Numbers Crunching

Our roundup of interesting stats for Week 7 shows the big gap between San Diego's starting wide receivers and explains how Cincinnati's strength is Chicago's weakness.

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21 Oct 2009, 12:15pm by Mike Tanier

ESPN Insider Route-Running Glossary

We put together a glossary of route-running terms to accompany an article by Seth Wickersham in the next (non-naked) issue of ESPN The Magazine. The ESPN folks have tossed it online for those who have Insider, along with a pretty little flash app that lets you click through diagrams of the various routes.

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20 Oct 2009, 01:13pm by Vincent Verhei

ESPN AGS: Raiders over Eagles

This week's Any Given Sunday looks at Sunday's shocking Eagles loss and finds that it is the product of some bad luck, injuries on the offensive line, and a big gaping 32-year-old hole in the middle of the defense.

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19 Oct 2009, 01:50pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: Chargers Miss Jamal Williams Badly

This week's MNF feature on ESPN takes a look at the biggest problem with the San Diego Chargers -- not the coach, not the offense, but one specific injury on defense.

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18 Oct 2009, 08:32pm by Brian Fremeau

ESPN: The Case For One-Loss Teams

Brian Fremeau examines the plight of one-loss teams in the BCS.

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15 Oct 2009, 01:25pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Week 6 Numbers Crunching

Here are some key stats from all of this weekend's matchups, including a look at some surprising strengths: Kansas City's special teams, Cincinnati's coverage of top receivers, and Philadelphia's running game on third down.

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14 Oct 2009, 06:02pm by Bill Connelly

ESPN: Field Position Key in USC-ND

This week's college football feature for ESPN Insider previews this weekend's big battle between USC and Notre Dame.

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14 Oct 2009, 12:26pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: Brees or Rivers?

For ESPN this week, I did a piece looking at how Drew Brees and Philip Rivers have performed since Brees' departure from the Chargers in 2006.

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