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20 Apr 2010, 10:14am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Ranking Draft War Rooms

This reprinted feature from ESPN The Magazine ranks the league's war rooms using a mixture of GSAA from 2000-07 and common sense.

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19 Apr 2010, 05:55pm by Aaron Schatz

Bill Simmons 2010 Draft Podcast

Sports Guy talks about the NFL draft with yours truly as well as Michael Lombardi of NFL Network and National Football Post. Listen to us completely disagree on Jason Pierre-Paul!

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16 Apr 2010, 10:58am by Vincent Verhei

ESPN: RB vs. OL? Take the Speedster

Today's feature in ESPN's draft-related "Samsung Next Level" series comes from our own Vince Verhei, who looks at which move does more to improve a team's running game: drafting a back high, or drafting a tackle high? While FO generally believes that good left tackles are harder to find than good backs, the backs actually do more for your running game -- because, of course, you are generally drafting a tackle that high because of his pass protection abilities. Thanks to the Samsung sponsorship, this article is free, not Insider.

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14 Apr 2010, 03:46pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: The Marshall Plan For...The Chargers

We've got an article up on ESPN today regarding the Brandon Marshall trade and what it means for the AFC West -- namely, that the Chargers can print up their AFC West Division Champs shirts about now.

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13 Apr 2010, 10:04pm by Vincent Verhei

ESPN Insider: Dez Bryant Leads WR Prospects

This week's ESPN Insider column looks at Playmaker Score, the method for analyzing top wide receiver prospects that we introduced in Football Outsiders Almanac 2009. Dez Bryant has far and away this year's top score, with Dezmon Briscoe as our sleeper to watch and Arrelious Benn as the most likely bust.

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08 Apr 2010, 05:32pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Insider: Defensive Similarity Scores

This week's ESPN Insider feature takes a look at four big-name defenders who switched teams this offseason, using the new defensive similarity scores: Antonio Cromartie, Karlos Dansby, Kyle Vanden Bosch, and Julius Peppers.

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30 Mar 2010, 10:24am by Bill Barnwell

ESPN Insider: Blown Blocks 2009

This week's ESPN Insider feature takes a look at the best and worst offensive linemen in 2009 according to blown blocks tracked by our game charters.

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26 Mar 2010, 10:44am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Insider: The Sleeper Hold for Draft 2010

Here's a look at 10 sleeper picks who might bring value in the later rounds of the 2010 NFL draft.

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16 Mar 2010, 03:00pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: Tomlinson Inside-The-5

This week's ESPN article is on the performance of backs inside the 5-yard line, a topic I've discussed more than once but haven't written (from what I remember, at least) a full story on. This covers LaDainian Tomlinson's performance and the player who had a historically-bad performance inside the 5-yard line in 2009.

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09 Mar 2010, 11:14am by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: Ten Should-Be Cap Casualties

This week's ESPN feature is on which teams should be using the uncapped year to jettison underproductive players.

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