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22 Dec 2009, 01:15pm by Vincent Verhei

ESPN AGS: Panthers Over Vikings

This week's Any Given Sunday covers the Vikings' loss to the Panthers, and whether they're built to play from behind.

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20 Dec 2009, 02:50pm by J.I. Halsell

ESPN: New Era for Redskins

For this week's ESPN MNF feature, our man J.I. Halsell takes a look at what Bruce Allen's management skills could mean for the Redskins -- especially if there's an uncapped 2010.

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18 Dec 2009, 03:26pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: Fantasy Matchups, Week 15

A quick review of why the Steelers' defense is overrated by yards allowed before moving onto this week's fantasy analysis.

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17 Dec 2009, 12:42pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: Week 15 Numbers Crunching

This week's Numbers Crunching looks at the Giants' defense and the Patriots' offense struggling in the red zone, when the Arizona defense slows down, and which quarterback destroys the blitz.

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15 Dec 2009, 02:14pm by Vincent Verhei

ESPN AGS: Chargers over Cowboys

This week's Any Given Sunday looks at how the Chargers are winning despite the most unbalanced offense of the DVOA Era. Look for more Chargers DVOA analysis in the main DVOA analysis article later today.

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13 Dec 2009, 07:05pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Frank Gore's Tough Running

As this MNF feature points out, Frank Gore's high yards per carry average this year is pretty remarkable given the poor quality of San Francisco's run blocking.

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11 Dec 2009, 04:52pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: Week 14 Fantasy Matchups

Ah yes. The Ballad of Volek And Bennett.

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11 Dec 2009, 11:37am by Brian Fremeau

ESPN: Evaluating the Brian Kelly Hire

An easier 2010 schedule and a good record coaching close games throughout his career may set up Brian Kelly for early success at Notre Dame.

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10 Dec 2009, 11:47am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Week 14 Numbers Crunching

Here's our weekly look at matchups through a Football Outsiders lens. This week we learn that the Bengals aren't as good in close games as you might believe, the Eagles' blitzes haven't been as effective as in years past, and the Patriots need to re-focus on the tight end to beat Carolina.

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08 Dec 2009, 01:18pm by Vincent Verhei

ESPN AGS: Cardinals over Vikings

As we discuss in this week's Any Given Sunday, the Cardinals are almost like a lab experiment designed specifically to beat the Minnesota Vikings, and it is very likely that the Vikings will have to face them again in the postseason.

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