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20 Nov 2009, 11:51am by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: Week 11 Fantasy Matchups

This week's Fantasy Matchups piece takes a look at replacement-level in fantasy, with and without the bye.

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19 Nov 2009, 02:49pm by Bill Connelly

ESPN: College Football Consistency

This week's ESPN Insider college feature looks at the most and least consistent college teams this year. Game-by-game variation -- it's not just for DVOA any more!

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19 Nov 2009, 01:53pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Week 11 Numbers Crunching

Among the tidbits in this week's Numbers Crunching: The Colts run best where they run least, the Patriots excel on second-and-short, and Adrian Peterson gets ready to make the Sunday night highlights. Repeatedly.

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17 Nov 2009, 11:56am by Vincent Verhei

ESPN AGS: Packers over Cowboys

Last week's Any Given Sunday talked about how bad the Packers' offensive line was. Then they went out and beat the Cowboys. So what about the other half of the team? This week's Any Given Sunday talks about how their defense (top-ranked in DVOA) could drag that awful offensive line into the playoffs anyway.

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16 Nov 2009, 12:17pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Flacco and Rice, Baltimore's Other Duo

This week's Monday Night Football column features two-year similarity scores for everybody's favorite pair of Jersey boys turned Baltimore superstars. You'll be quite impressed when you see who we compare to Joe Flacco and Ray Rice. Audubon High and Rutgers represent!

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13 Nov 2009, 02:01pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: Fantasy Matchups 2009, Week 10

My super-secret strategy for winning your fantasy league, revealed.

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12 Nov 2009, 05:17pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Week 10 Numbers Crunching

Here's another trip around the matchups of the week featuring FO's advanced stats. Among the things you will learn this week: Pittsburgh should throw more passes to its running backs, the Jets' pass defense is an all-around strength, the Minnesota defense gets tired at the end of games, and the most penalized player in the NFL is Buffalo tackle Demetrius Bell.

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11 Nov 2009, 04:01pm by Brian Fremeau

ESPN: TCU Schedule Creates Title Game Hopes

Even if all the big-name unbeatens slip up sometime before the end of the season, TCU may not get a shot at the national title. But as Brian Fremeau shows, their schedule is comparable to those of teams like Florida and Cincinnati, and their play has been dominant.

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11 Nov 2009, 03:08pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Midseason Issues Features

As part of ESPN's Midseason Package, we've put together a bunch of new content.

The first article is on the 2010 Rebuilders, what the Raiders, Titans, Chargers, Seahawks, and Browns will need to do to get their franchises going.

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10 Nov 2009, 12:03pm by Vincent Verhei

ESPN AGS: Bucs over Packers

The vicious cycle of Green Bay weakness... sacks lead to punts, punts lead to field position problems, and field position problems lead to Tampa Bay's first win of 2009.

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