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12 Jan 2009, 05:15pm by Aaron Schatz

Aaron Schatz on the B.S. Report: 1/12

Bill Simmons went 0-4 on his picks this weekend, and wants to know if anybody can figure out what's going on in this year's playoffs. Hey, we can! Well, as long as your question does not concern the Arizona Cardinals. Anyway, Bill and I look back at the Divisional round and preview the Conference Championships, plus his usual discussions with Cousin Sal and Michael Lombardi.

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12 Jan 2009, 05:14pm by Ned Macey

Any Given Divisional Round

Given the wild weekend, AGS takes a look at all three upsets in this surprising Divisional Round. Baltimore lives on turnovers. Arizona suddenly plays great defense. Philadelphia has played great defense all season.

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08 Jan 2009, 06:10pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Numbers Crunching: Week 19

You'll learn a lot of things from this week's Numbers Crunching, including why the blitz may be a problem for Eli Manning but not for Jake Delhomme, where the Giants have struggled since Plaxico Burress went down, and how pass rushing in the Baltimore-Tennessee game will be about more than just sacks.

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08 Jan 2009, 06:00pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN INSIDER: Comparing the QB Class of 2004

Here's a little something extra for those of you who subscribe to ESPN Insider, running similarity scores on the Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, and Ben Roethlisberger in advance of this week's playoff games. You may be surprised to learn which former Jets quarterback ends up similar to all three -- and especially Roethlisberger. Again, this requires ESPN Insider subscription.

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06 Jan 2009, 12:04am by Bill Barnwell

Aaron Schatz on the B.S. Report: 1/5

Join Aaron and Bill Simmons for a Wild Card review and Divisional preview.

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05 Jan 2009, 04:40pm by Ned Macey

Any Given Sunday: Cardinals over Falcons

Ned Macey compares Arizona to other bad teams that won playoff games.

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05 Jan 2009, 04:17pm by Bill Barnwell

2008 Quick Reads: Wild Card Weekend

How did Darren Sproles get -2 DYAR? Well, he did the worst thing a back can do with the ball in his hands.

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01 Jan 2009, 09:09pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN Numbers Crunching: Week 18

Here's our look at the wild card matchups over at ESPN. You may notice Numbers Crunching is going to a new format for the playoffs, with half the tidbits available to all readers and half available on ESPN Insider. Don't worry -- this isn't the only playoff previewing we'll be doing. You'll also get Walkthrough on Friday morning and the usual stat-packed previews on Friday afternoon.

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30 Dec 2008, 10:52pm by Ned Macey

Any Given Sunday: Dolphins Over Jets

Ned Macey re-examines the Jets's to decision to turn away from Chad Pennington -- and reminds us that it originally had nothing to do with the availability of Brett Favre.

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29 Dec 2008, 08:55pm by Aaron Schatz

Aaron Schatz on the B.S. Report: 12/29

Time to start my weekly playoff appearances on the Bill Simmons podcast, reviewing the 2008 season and then previewing the Wild Card games. Cousin Sal and Michael Lombardi also appear. Link goes to Bill Simmons page, then look for podcast link on the far right.

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