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01 Feb 2010, 10:25am by Ned Macey

ESPN: For Saints, It's "Patience, Grasshopper"

A two-part feature on ESPN Insider today takes a look at how each quarterback has done against the defensive scheme favored by this week's opponent. First up, Ned Macey looks at the Saints against the Cover-2 over the past three years, and what's changed in 2009.

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28 Jan 2010, 01:37pm by Ned Macey

ESPN: What Improved Colts Defense?

Has the Colts' defense really improved? We take a look at ESPN.

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26 Jan 2010, 12:30pm by Bill Barnwell

ESPN: Pro Bowl Snubs and Mistakes

This ESPN.com Insider piece looks at five players who shouldn't have been on the original Pro Bowl rosters -- ignoring the injury replacements -- and five players who still have been snubbed, despite the fact that anybody who threw a pass in the AFC has been named to the team by this point.

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21 Jan 2010, 10:52am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Conference Championship Numbers Crunching

Numbers Crunching has lots of stats on this week's conference championships, including reasons why the Colts-Jets game will be close and reasons why a close game favors the Colts anyway. Plus: Gregg Williams could have the advantage against Brett Favre. Many of these tidbits will also be in tomorrow's FO game previews.

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19 Jan 2010, 01:32pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN AGS: Jets over Chargers

The final Any Given Sunday of the 2009 season takes a look at similarity scores for Shonn Greene and Mark Sanchez in their rookie seasons. You will never believe what first-year starting quarterback had the most similar season to Sanchez -- or just how similar it was.

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19 Jan 2010, 12:42pm by Aaron Schatz

Bill Simmons Conference Championship Preview Podcast

Time for another edition of the Bill Simmons Playoffs Podcast Spectacular. It's split into two, so this link gets you just me and Chad Millman, but you can also get the first half at ESPN.com with Michael Lombardi and Cousin Sal. We review last weekend's games and get into next weekend's matchups. Warning: It starts with a discussion of the Vikings' final score with a very Pats homer perspective. I had something I wanted to say, and BS Report seemed a more appropriate place than FO's Audibles at the Line.

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15 Jan 2010, 11:19am by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Week 19 Numbers Crunching

The Divisional Round Numbers Crunching finds the spot where the Ravens can poke holes in the Colts, where the Vikings won't stuff the Cowboys, and how the Chargers will handle the pressure against the Jets.

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13 Jan 2010, 11:42am by Vincent Verhei

ESPN AGS: Ravens over Patriots

Despite a 9-7 record, the Baltimore Ravens are one of the best teams in the NFL. What does their blowout win over New England mean for this week's game against Indianapolis?

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11 Jan 2010, 07:42pm by Aaron Schatz

Bill Simmons Round 2 Podcast

Hey, kids! Time for another weekly Bill Simmons NFL postseason podcast. This one is split in two, so my half also features Chad Millman's Vegas perspective. Get my thoughts on the wild card round and an early hint at the surprising second-round picks of the FO "picks vs. the spread" formula. Plus, a couple of Pats fans try to figure out whether this team gives us reason for optimism or pessimism. I think you can guess which angle I argued.

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07 Jan 2010, 02:35pm by Aaron Schatz

ESPN: Week 18 Numbers Crunching

If you liked Numbers Crunching during the regular season, you'll love it for the playoffs, with even more tidbits for each game. Some of this stuff will also appear in tomorrow's expanded playoff previews here on FO.

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