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04 May 2010, 10:52pm by Bill Barnwell

Four Downs: AFC West

Time for another round of Four Downs, looking at the biggest hole left on each team after the draft... and the undrafted free agents who perhaps might fill those holes.

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09 Apr 2010, 11:50am by Sean McCormick

Four Downs: NFC East

We saved the best for last in this second round of Four Downs -- well, unless you are tired of McNabb-Redskins talk. You aren't tired of that yet, are you?

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07 Apr 2010, 01:48pm by Vincent Verhei

Four Downs: AFC East

In this Four Downs: the Bills are lacking along the offensive line, the Dolphins have lost talent on the defensive line, the Patriots need better playmakers at linebacker, and the Jets have the luxury of looking for depth.

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06 Apr 2010, 11:48am by Doug Farrar

Four Downs: NFC West

With free agency in full swing, our NFC West update looks at how Arizona fills the gaps, St. Louis' waiting game, Arnaz Battle's special gift for chopping wood, and the big need nobody in Seattle is talking about.

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31 Mar 2010, 10:53am by Bill Barnwell

Four Downs: AFC West

This month in the AFC West: The Chiefs look for a nose tackle while the Broncos find one. Plus: Which cornerbacks can replace Antonio Cromartie?

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30 Mar 2010, 11:11am by David Gardner

Four Downs: NFC South

The Falcons address their need at corner, the Panthers undergo a quarterback purge, and the Saints try to hang on to all their veterans.

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29 Mar 2010, 11:37pm by Tom Gower

Four Downs: AFC South

The second round of Four Downs continues with the AFC South. Houston looks for cornerbacks, Indianapolis tries to patch up the offensive line, and Jacksonville needs playmakers on both sides of the ball.

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25 Mar 2010, 12:01pm by Ned Macey

Four Downs: NFC North

In this Four Downs, Ned Macey examines each NFC North team's free agency activity and biggest remaining roster hole.

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24 Mar 2010, 11:00am by Mike Kurtz

Four Downs: AFC North

The Bengals and the Ravens entered the free agency period looking for help at wide receiver. One of them got it. The AFC North is in flux, from Cleveland's quarterback turnstile to Pittsburgh's worrisome defense.

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03 Mar 2010, 11:00am by Aaron Schatz

Four Downs: AFC East

In this AFC East review, it's defense, defense, defense. The Bills try a transition to the 3-4, the Dolphins hope Mike Nolan can work his magic on their team next year, and the Patriots wonder what to do with Vince Wilfork.

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