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15 Jul 2005, 12:36pm by Aaron Schatz

Four Downs: AFC East

What other Buffalo running back left town after a season remarkably similar to Travis Henry's 2004? What are the biggest offensive DVOA turnarounds of the past few years, and could Miami possibly match them? Who will fill the holes in the Jets secondary? Aaron attempts to answer these questions in the latest edition of Four Downs.

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05 Jul 2005, 09:34pm by Mike Tanier

Four Downs: AFC West

Todd Sauerbrun shoots for a punting record, Az Hakim performs a hitch-'n'-go in Kansas City, and the Raiders defense faces an identity crisis. Mike Tanier helps you get caught up with the AFC West in the latest installment of Four Downs.

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28 Jun 2005, 01:34pm by Russell Levine

Four Downs: NFC South

Are the Falcons' passing-game woes all Michael Vick's fault? Even Russell doesn't think so, but he still might end up hiding in a bunker (along with the makers of Midway's new football video game) after Pro Football Prospectus 2005 comes out. The latest edition of Four Downs also looks at Carolina's punter-for-punter trade, Tampa Bay's offensive line situation, and the newest receiver in New Orleans.

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22 Jun 2005, 01:21pm by P. Ryan Wilson

Four Downs: AFC North

Baltimore must decide who gets a long-term contract, Cincinnati must decide who's a first round bust, and Cleveland and Pittsburgh need depth on the offensive line. Actually, Cleveland could use pretty much everything except a head coach. Ryan Wilson sums up the off-season for the AFC North in the latest Four Downs.

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14 Jun 2005, 12:26am by Michael David Smith

Four Downs: NFC North

Every NFC North team has a training camp battle that will help shape its offense for the 2005 season. We look at those battles and the latest news around in the division in this week's installment of Four Downs.

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07 Jun 2005, 11:18am by Mike Tanier

Four Downs: NFC West

The Seahawks defense has a new look, the Rams will soon have a new playing surface, and the Cardinals believe their new stadium will make them the next Eagles. Mike Tanier also has a very different take on that infamous 49ers video as he surveys the NFC West.

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31 May 2005, 11:46am by Ned Macey

Four Downs: AFC South

Can a division have so many average drafts? Nothing much to ridicule and little to praise. The Texans fail to understand that their defense is as good as their offense. The Colts have a Big Ten fetish. The Jaguars apparently think they are more than a year away, and the Titans went shopping for wide receivers in the bargain bin. Around the AFC South goes the last draft review from Four Downs.

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27 May 2005, 12:06pm by Al Bogdan

Four Downs: NFC East

The Eagles try to insure themselves against any possible holdout, the Cowboys snap up any player with "Marcus" in his name, and there may be a new star for TV commercials in the Big Apple. Plus, Al Bogdan gets inside the heads of the Washington front office in this edition of Four Downs.

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25 May 2005, 12:57pm by Aaron Schatz

Four Downs: AFC East

The Dolphins stock up on defensive linemen in preparation for Nick Saban's groundbreaking 7-0 alignment, Buffalo learns that the tradition of Hurricane tight ends isn't so swell after all, and the Jets and Patriots grab SEC running backs as a tribute to Football Outsiders. Plus, Ricky Williams is very boring, and, in an excerpt from Pro Football Prospectus 2005, Aaron points out why drafting a kicker in the second-round is colossally stupid.

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19 May 2005, 12:43pm by Mike Tanier

Four Downs: AFC West

Mike Anderson wants the ball, Gunther Cunningham wants to look his players in the eyes, and Shawne Merriman wants some guaranteed cash before he reports to work. Mike Tanier surveys the AFC West landscape in search of free agent news, minicamp rumors, and drivers for Randy Moss' Cadillac (those with smoke allergies need not apply)

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