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20 Oct 2012, 11:57am by Matt Waldman

Futures: West Virginia WR Tavon Austin

Austin is among the most productive receivers in college football, but he hasn't showcased the kind of tools you might expect from an elite receiver.

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13 Oct 2012, 10:21am by Matt Waldman

Futures: USC QB Matt Barkley

A bad or uncharacteristic performance is often the result of a player and/or team stretched to do things that aren’t a part of the game plan. Matt Barkley's off-night against Stanford earlier this month is a good example.

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06 Oct 2012, 08:35am by Matt Waldman

Futures: UCLA RB Johnathan Franklin

UCLA running back Johnathan Franklin is a dark-horse candidate for the Heisman Trophy because he displays a maturity with his decision-making that few backs possess at the college level.

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29 Sep 2012, 10:37am by Matt Waldman

Futures: Eddie Lacy

When we look at the spectrum of Alabama running backs, Eddie Lacy is more like Trent Richardson or Mark Ingram than Glen Coffee. Matt Waldman shows how Lacy transcended his offensive line against Arkansas.

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22 Sep 2012, 11:05am by Matt Waldman

Futures: Star Lotulelei

Quickness and instincts make this 6-foot-4, 320-pound defensive tackle worthy of his first name.

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15 Sep 2012, 11:36am by Matt Waldman

Futures: Georgia LB Alec Ogletree

Georgia outside linebacker Jarvis Jones is the bigger name, but inside linebacker Alec Ogletree is a fine prospect in his own right.

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09 Sep 2012, 07:19pm by Matt Waldman

Futures: Tyler Wilson

Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson displays reckless tendencies that, if not fixed, could hurt his chances of reaching his potential as an NFL quarterback. However, Wilson also has transcendent moments as a decision-maker.

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23 Apr 2012, 12:20pm by Matt Waldman

Futures: A Peyton Manning Transcription

Futures looks at Tennessee-Chattanooga quarterback B.J. Coleman and the skills he transcribed from Peyton Manning.

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16 Apr 2012, 12:55pm by Matt Waldman

Futures: The Ugly Underside of Mr. Congeniality

Kirk Cousins is talked about highly in scouting circles, but Futures delves into the footwork that could keep him from becoming an NFL starter.

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09 Apr 2012, 12:32pm by Matt Waldman

Futures: Studying "The Asterisk"

Russell Wilson is too short to be considered a top quarterback prospect, but can the team that drafts him scheme around that? Our new scouting column "Futures" takes a look.

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