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» The Week In Quotes: August 26, 2016

As actual NFL football returns to our lives, we have observations on good quarterback play in Dallas, bad quarterback play in Denver, the Olympics, baseball, taxes, and mermaids.

Loser League - My Team

Thornton Melons Tall and Fat Store


Seattle, WA

QB Jay CutlerCHI   15
QB Kirk CousinsWAS   20
RB Frank GoreIND   7
RB T.J. YeldonJAC   15
RB Rashad JenningsNYG   23
WR Jerricho CotcheryCAR   26
WR Donte MoncriefIND   15
WR Marques ColstonNO   15
K Caleb SturgisPHI   5
K Greg ZuerleinSTL   6