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» Clutch Encounters: KC-OAK

Multiple untimed downs. A star player ejected. Another long deflected touchdown in a Kansas City game. The awesome Pylon Cam. Thursday night's game had a little bit of everything, and a lot of crow served up by presumed FO reader Amari Cooper.

Loser League - My Team

Fightin Silkies


Saint Louis, MO

QB DeShone KizerCLE   2
QB Jared GoffLARM   10
RB Jeremy HillCIN   16
RB Duke JohnsonCLE   29
RB Jerick McKinnonMIN   20
WR Zay JonesBUF   0
WR Corey ColemanCLE   15
WR Tavon AustinLARM   9
K Zane GonzalezCLE   -2
K Jason MyersJAC   1