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» Scramble for the Ball: The Best Losers

Tom and Mike perform the ritual "complimenting of the Loser League team names," pile on Marty Mornhinweg, and actually find a scenario where starting Geno Smith is a good idea.

Loser League - My Team

Lion Tamers


Charleston, South Carolina

QB Ryan TannehillMIA   15
QB Josh McCownTB   18
RB Jacquizz RodgersATL   17
RB DeAngelo WilliamsCAR   16
RB Bishop SankeyTEN   15
WR Jacoby JonesBAL   15
WR Jerricho CotcheryCAR   4
WR Donnie AveryKC   1
K Graham GanoCAR   10
K Caleb SturgisMIA   4