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» Four Downs: NFC South

Our offseason Four Downs series continues with a division-by-division look at each team's biggest remaining holes and their most notable UDFA signings. Does anyone in the NFC South have any pass rushers? Well, the Bucs might, but they still need more players to catch the ball.

Loser League - My Team

Rick and Forte Forever 100 Years


Bedford, Indiana

QB Blaine GabbertSF   19
QB Nick FolesSTL   15
RB Tevin ColemanATL   15
RB Isaiah CrowellCLE   5
RB Danny WoodheadSD   21
WR Anquan BoldinSF   13
WR Torrey SmithSF   6
WR Jamison CrowderWAS   16
K Mike NugentCIN   6
K Jason MyersJAC   6