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» The Week In Quotes: October 21, 2016

We've got players and coaches who are cranky about losses, commentators who are cranky about players, and middle-aged men cranky at these damn millenials, and yes, Bill Belichick cranky about tablets.

Loser League - My Team

The Hardliners


Dallas, TX

QB Brock OsweilerHOU   18
QB Carson WentzPHI   21
RB Jonathan StewartCAR   6
RB Ameer AbdullahDET   23
RB Matt JonesWAS   17
WR Corey ColemanCLE   6
WR Tavon AustinLARM   1
WR Vincent JacksonTB   1
K Andrew FranksMIA   2
K Caleb SturgisPHI   7