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» Week 4 DVOA Ratings

New England takes over the top spot in DVOA, one of six undefeated teams that give us an almost 1-in-10 chance of a team going 16-0 in 2015. Cincinnati and Atlanta battling in the first all-undefeated Super Bowl? It could happen.

Loser League - My Team

The Man With the Golden Tate


Mount Rainier, MD

QB Brian HoyerHOU   
QB Blake BortlesJAC   
RB Fozzy WhittakerCAR   
RB Toby GerhartJAC   
RB Benny CunninghamSTL   
WR Taylor GabrielCLE   
WR Harry DouglasTEN   
WR Ryan GrantWAS   
K Mike NugentCIN   
K Kyle BrindzaTB