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» Four Downs: NFC North

Who will be Minnesota's quarterback? Mitchell Trubisky is QB1 in Chicago, but who's catching the ball? Can the Lions ever find a running back again? Finally, the Packers could use an upgrade at edge rusher, but this may be the wrong draft to do so.

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dallas, texas

QB Mitchell TrubiskyCHI   23
QB Brett HundleyGB   28
RB Terrance WestBAL   15
RB C.J. AndersonDEN   6
RB Dion LewisNE   21
WR Deonte ThompsonBUF   18
WR Kenny BrittCLE   15
WR Bennie FowlerDEN   15
K Zane GonzalezCLE   3
K Cody ParkeyMIA   9