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» Clutch Encounters: Thanksgiving

The Lions and Giants lost close games on Thanksgiving. How have the four "clutch" teams from 2016, including Oakland and Miami, fared this season? Also: praise for Kirk Cousins and the new King of the North.

Loser League - My Team



Haverhill, MA

QB Brett HundleyGB   15
QB Jimmy GaroppoloSF   18
RB Giovani BernardCIN   19
RB Wendell SmallwoodPHI   15
RB Jacquizz RodgersTB   16
WR Donte MoncriefIND   27
WR Laquon TreadwellMIN   15
WR Terrelle PryorWAS   15
K Randy BullockCIN   -3
K Patrick MurrayTB   9