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» NFC Championship Preview 2018

Somebody has to Jeff Hostetler their way into Super Bowl LII. Will it be the Eagles, with a tenacious defense and home-field advantage? Or will it be the Vikings, who've gotten a better performance (and more of it) from backup-turned-MVP candidate Case Keenum?

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We stole JuJus bicycle


pittsburgh, pa

QB Joe FlaccoBAL   11
QB DeShone KizerCLE   22
RB Jonathan StewartCAR   8
RB Joe MixonCIN   22
RB Matt ForteNYJ   2
WR Randall CobbGB   11
WR Jarvis LandryMIA   7
WR Eric DeckerTEN   2
K Zane GonzalezCLE   7
K Brandon McManusDEN   0