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» NFC Championship Preview 2018

Somebody has to Jeff Hostetler their way into Super Bowl LII. Will it be the Eagles, with a tenacious defense and home-field advantage? Or will it be the Vikings, who've gotten a better performance (and more of it) from backup-turned-MVP candidate Case Keenum?

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We stole JuJus bicycle


pittsburgh, pa

QB Joe FlaccoBAL   21
QB DeShone KizerCLE   14
RB Jonathan StewartCAR   10
RB Joe MixonCIN   18
RB Matt ForteNYJ   14
WR Randall CobbGB   15
WR Jarvis LandryMIA   6
WR Eric DeckerTEN   2
K Zane GonzalezCLE   4
K Brandon McManusDEN   3