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» 2017 Adjusted Pythagorean Wins

Blake Bortles made his name as the king of garbage time -- so it's ironic that if you take garbage time away, the Jacksonville Jaguars (and divisional rival Houston Texans) come out as two teams most likely to improve in 2018.

Loser League - My Team

Hazy Eyes, Full Stomachs


Denver, Colorado

QB Joe FlaccoBAL   11
QB Tom SavageHOU   15
RB Joe MixonCIN   4
RB Ameer AbdullahDET   9
RB Orleans DarkwaNYG   14
WR Kendall WrightCHI   2
WR Ricardo LouisCLE   1
WR Marquise GoodwinSF   15
K Cody ParkeyMIA   8
K Aldrick RosasNYG   1