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» Week 14 DVOA Ratings

The Rams lose the DVOA Bowl but keep the top spot, achieving something historically rare: ranking in the top five for all three phases of the game. Meanwhile, four great defenses take a tumble when Seattle, Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore all score way more points than expected.

Loser League - My Team

Advanced Cutlery


Rockwall, TX

QB Tom SavageHOU   15
QB Jay CutlerMIA   2
RB Jonathan StewartCAR   15
RB Damien WilliamsMIA   9
RB Doug MartinTB   3
WR Zay JonesBUF   6
WR Terrance WilliamsDAL   3
WR Kenny StillsMIA   24
K Randy BullockCIN   -3
K Cody ParkeyMIA   8