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» Clutch Encounters: Divisional Round

Stefon Diggs saves the Vikings after one of the greatest touchdowns in NFL history. Also: Atlanta's horrific red zone sequence, and Pittsburgh's odd history of high-scoring playoff losses.

Loser League - My Team

If you cant handle me at my Hundleyst you dont deserve me at my Rodgerst


Detroit, MI

QB Brett HundleyGB   15
QB Jameis WinstonTB   18
RB Ameer AbdullahDET   11
RB Frank GoreIND   5
RB Thomas RawlsSEA   3
WR Kelvin BenjaminBUF   4
WR Donte MoncriefIND   27
WR Jarvis LandryMIA   10
K Mason CrosbyGB   9
K Blair WalshSEA   8