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» Futures: Baker Mayfield

Oklahoma's quarterback isn't just a product of the system, and he didn't just put up great numbers because he got to play in the Big 12. Derrik Klassen says the Heisman Trophy winner has what it takes to be a quality starter in the NFL.

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Cleveland Callups


Winnipeg, Canada

QB Joe FlaccoBAL   18
QB Jacoby BrissettIND   17
RB Terrance WestBAL   15
RB Ty MontgomeryGB   27
RB Damien WilliamsMIA   3
WR Braxton MillerHOU   15
WR DeVante ParkerMIA   6
WR Aldrick RobinsonSF   16
K Cody ParkeyMIA   3
K Aldrick RosasNYG   5