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» Week 7 DVOA Ratings

Just in case Sunday night did not make it clear, defense rules the NFL in 2016. The best teams in overall DVOA all combine top-five defenses with below-average offenses. The Eagles now lead the league in both defense and special teams and are back to No. 1 overall.

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QB Sam BradfordMIN   22
QB Carson WentzPHI   14
RB Buck AllenBAL   15
RB Ameer AbdullahDET   18
RB Shaun DraughnSF   2
WR Terrance WilliamsDAL   15
WR Laquon TreadwellMIN   15
WR Nelson AgholorPHI   4
K Patrick MurrayCLE   -5
K Caleb SturgisPHI   6