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» Week 4 DVOA Ratings

New England takes over the top spot in DVOA, one of six undefeated teams that give us an almost 1-in-10 chance of a team going 16-0 in 2015. Cincinnati and Atlanta battling in the first all-undefeated Super Bowl? It could happen.

Loser League - My Team

Irritable Bowles Syndrome


New Orleans, LA

QB Ryan FitzpatrickNYJ   18
QB Marcus MariotaTEN   17
RB Denard RobinsonJAC   15
RB Chris IvoryNYJ   5
RB Bilal PowellNYJ   4
WR Brian HartlineCLE   0
WR Eric DeckerNYJ   15
WR Brandon MarshallNYJ   16
K Jason MyersJAC   11
K Cairo SantosKC   6