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How bad was Ryan Fitzpatrick's day against Kansas City? Worse than any game David Klingler, Brandon Weeden, Donald Hollas, Ryan Leaf, or any other horrible quarterback has ever had in the past 25 years.

Loser League - My Team

Stafford, Dalton and Cutler; Oh My!!!


Stroudsburg, PA

QB Jay CutlerCHI   3
QB Case KeenumLARM   11
RB Isaiah CrowellCLE   20
RB T.J. YeldonJAC   18
RB Jay AjayiMIA   17
WR Ted GinnCAR   5
WR Terrance WilliamsDAL   15
WR Tavon AustinLARM   5
K Connor BarthCHI   0
K Roberto AguayoTB   -1