Writers of Pro Football Prospectus 2008

Loser League - Season Standings

Dennardians of the Darqueze129
Genuine Extruded Football Product139
The Mohawks144
Cheaper By The Cousins147
Blake Bortles, Esq.152
Knights of Lodis155
San Francisco Retirement System156
Suspended Hardy Boys157
Deflated Egos158
The Other Adrian Peterson 159
throws like a gurley160
Dwarf Tones161
Turn Down164
Red Bull and Peppermint Tea165
Intentional Rounding167
Shanky Jenky168
Referee Sarah Thomas Announces Gronkowski Is An Eligible Bachelor169
The Winners169
Ball Kinda Hard169
Avalanche of Inadequacies170
Johnny Football Reclamation Project171
Unnamed Team: 176172
Vince wears Overalls172
Jason Petyr-Paul Baelish172
Winston Justice Security Systems173
Oakland Vaders173
Brady`s Under Pressure175
Switch Hitter175
Bye Week175
PVC Liederhosen175
Below Par is Good!176
Helmet of Testaverde177
Undeflated Champions179
Abacus Absurds180
One Knee Equals Two Feet180
Tomsula, York & Son Turf Supply181
Die Fledergate181
An Impartial Investigation into Losing181
Benched by Week Three182
RubberDuckies 182
Whither Chad Hutchinson184
Oaksonville Brownskins184
If peeing your pants is barely noteworthy, consider me Knile Davis184
watermelon footballs186
Ravenna Bulldogs187
Famous Jameis Crab Legs187
Platform 9 and 3 Cordarelle188
Tom Landrys Hat188
Football in the Groin188
Cowardly Lions189
Loveable Losers189
Mandated Content189
Ryan Succop Obscurity Systems189
The Tambos189
Crap Brigade190
Winston more like loseton190
Goodell Bot191
Glen Coffees 401k191
Soapy Hands Club191
The Green Machine191
Hells Bells192
Snog, Mariota, Avoid192
Kromer Beach Club192
505 - Permission Denied192
No Luck involved193
D Sharpers CVS Rewards Card193
Zimmer Down193
Geno 911193
The Real McCowns193
well never be eddie royals193
Kevmo Scrubs194
Not Just Browns194
Brannigans Law194
Flowers for Agholor196
Wrath of Goodell196
doomsday 4 dummies197
More Probable Than Not197
Long Term Parkey197
Stone Cold Steinmas197
Runnin for the 6 with da CROW197
The Shiznits198
Unnamed Team: 104198
Bortled Water198
the failers198
Forgetting Brandon Marshall199
Please do not hug the refs200
Tyrodasaurus Rex202
The Man With the Golden Tate202
Oorang Indians202
Spider 2 Y Banana202
Big Kahuna Burgers203
Jimmy Graham Blocked Me on Twitter203
Headless Chickens204
Non-practising Squad204
Suhlamog, the Ceaseless Unger206
Beast Median206
50ers: The San Francisco Retirement Home207
Stop Chopping Wood208
The Van Buren Boys208
The Sage of Ladarius208
Cleveland (the whole city)208
Roger Goodell209
Lightning McQuick & The Pink Lockers209
Lightning McQuick & The Pink Lockers209
The Defeatists 210
Bed Bath & Ebron211
Los Perdedores211
Green Hill with Stripes211
Gronks Revenge211
Stat Frauds211
Barney Gumble212
Bend the rules like Green-Beckham212
Hazy Eyes, Full Stomachs212
Hayne Plane Repels Distain212
B. Quick, I. Pead213
Team of Punters213
Rijsbergen Rhinos213
The Goodell Suspensions214
Chandana you suck215
Reeling Bears215
Gamblor 215
Heffatrumps and Woozles215
The Fantastic Four Fingers215
Barcelona Dragons216
Win on appeal216
Failly Niners 216
Pigs n da Skin218
The New Star Wars Movie Better Not Have Jar Jar Binks In It!!!218
Da Bums220
Bo Backson220
Cook, Wheres my Hossenpfeffer220
Shady Ladies Only220
More Like Roger Badell, Am I Right?221
The Manicorn223
Some of the Best Athletes in the World223
Imaginary Hammers224
we are not the champions my friend224
Colin That One Back225
Jaguars Episode 21: The Bortles Awakens225
Hans Wormhat225
Carter County Corrections225
Sucking More Than These Players226
Brady's Ball Boy227
Irritable Bowles Syndrome228
Dont go chasin Darren Fells, please stick to the Rivers & the Laken youre used to229
The Bill Bates Motel229
Ready to CRumble229
Velcro Cleats232
Median Joe Greene232
Sunday Afternoon Meh232
NY Foot and Mouth Disease232
paper tigers232
Hunger Games Mockingjay Gruden233
Experimental Dead Kicker233
NY Bozos234
Harvin a Migraine234
Hislermania 234
The System236
Kim Sung Keun237
The Team of the Depends Undergarment238
elian mannings238
Katie Bar The End Zone!239
Wreck of the Jets and Fitzpatrick240
I Am Pessimistic About the Bengals240
Straight Outta Oakland241
Rex n Effect245
Botswana Zoes245
Easy Out246
Blackmons Blues246
Gisele Dresses Me Too247
Teach Me How to Tebow248
Cats Meow249
Slightly less than Ideal Gas249
Adirondack Airedales251
Human Fund252
Law of the Shop253
NBC: Fear the Talking Heads255
Raise Your Bortles258
Post game pep talk258
Tears and Spittle259
Get TRich or die trying260
Cairo Santos L Halper265
New York Glassjaws265
Happily Underappreciated270
Conditional 7th273
Roberts Knees276
1 Turbin, 1 Cotch, 1 Beer300