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» VN: Hits, Misses, and the Year Zero Effect

Bill Connelly looks at the college offenses, defenses, and overall teams that have improved (Air Force!) or regressed (North Texas!) the most in 2014. Year Zero is a real thing (sometimes).

Loser League - Season Standings

PVS Leiderhosen46
Glennon or Glenda53
Quincy Carter Fan Club58
Team Murder60
Roberts Knee66
Incompetent Love Muffins66
Abu Dhabi Dabblers67
Houston Horribles68
Geno Manuel69
Something Mildly Offensive and Arguably Humorous71
Carr-jacked In Oakland71
John Izdik Wishes You Could See How Hard This Team Tries72
Molly Juleps74
Brooms 274
Futt Bumble75
Terrible Towel75
Dan Snyders DC ComcastMonsantoExxonPapaJohnsWalmarts brought to you by Geico77
Desert Scrubs79
Captain Nonsense and the Major Stupidity79
Garbage Time80
Cortez the Defense DVOA Killer81
Oakland Jaguars82
Flirting with the penalty82
Benched or Injured by Week 1183
locked in a room with bill simmons83
Cortez Allen is our defensive MVP84
Awww Cheese Whiz!86
Kaepernick Uncertainty Theory87
Viking Raiders88
Ngata Prayer89
The Lucky Losers89
The Shower Curtain89
Ineptitude Anonymous90
Hanhwa Eagles90
Whisenhunt: QB Assassin90
The Arians Brotherhood91
Botswana Zoes91
Alfred Morris Dancers91
Regression to the Mean Machine92
Les Moore Must Die92
Unnamed Team: 7992
Participation Trophy Wives93
Orton Hears Alfred Blue93
Top 80%93
Flightless Falcons93
the tane meme93
The Ricky Williams Vision Quest93
The Great White North94
Maidstone Vicars95
Ph`nglui mglw`nafh Reid R`lyeh wgah`nagl fhtagn!95
Growing the Football95
Dennardians of the Darqueze96
Commissioners Unkempt List96
Not Sammy Watkins96
Muscle Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooie97
No Better Than Solid98
Down by Context98
NFC West Has Too Many Cooks98
DeAngelo Halls Pizza Revenge99
Oorang Indians102
Scoops Callahan102
One Knee Equals Two Feet103
All Your Points Are Belong To You103
Grown Ass Damn Losers104
Dont Read Option the Users EJ Manuel104
Livin on the Wedge: The Dave Toub Story104
Snitches Get Switches104
Charleston Chew105
Carr Wreck108
John Youboty does need explaining, actually109
Chortles at Bortles111
Guardians of the Galaxy111
le sigh112
Just a Lovie Machine112
Knights of Columbus112
Orton Hears A Boo115
Turkey Bacon115
Governmentesque Efficiency118
Mrs Bradys Flophouse118
Stop: Mallett Time119
Jerrys Joyous Myopia121
UCLA Chargers121
Winston Justice Security Systems122
London Jaguars125
AD the Switch Hitter126
Emerald City Kings128
Last and Most Certainly Least128
Chandana you suck131
Lonesome Kickers132
More Carrs134
McCown Town135
Commitment to Ambivalence138
Upside Potential140
Troy City142
Dumb and Dumber AKA Jets Front Office143
Carrie Williams Workout Squad148
Human Fund149
Tickle Monsters150