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» The Week In Quotes: August 18, 2017

In the world of NFL quotes, Marshawn Lynch is the gift that keeps on giving. Plus: some great plays in practice, some terrible plays in practice, wicked rhymes, and Guy Fieri.

Loser League - Weekly Results

1Breaking the Glass Ceiling for Oompa Loompas15
2Goffing Fitz15
3Toms Titans15
4Spinal Tapas15
5The Bears Still Suck17
77-9 Suddenly Seems Optimistic18
8Below Par is Good!19
9doomsday def22
10The Cretins23
11No Better Than Solid23
12Joey Freshwater All Stars24
13The Helmet Drop24
14Triple Negative25
15Hazy Eyes, Full Stomachs28
16Orange Sensation28
17Donkey Squad28
18West Texas Ocelots28
19Barry Word Play29
20Leroooooooooy Jeeeenkiiiins29
21Botswana Zoes29
22Endorsed by Bill Belichick29
23Break Contain - and other grammatical errors30
24Kotorékemberek Annihilation31
25Rolling Bears31
26Cant Get Goff The Bench31
28Cheetos Cabinet31
29"Late Hits" is my 90s Cover Band32
30Legend of Lonestar32
31SD Bruins33
32Concussion Protocols34
33Muhammad Wilkersons Birthday Party34
34Vacuum Fleener35
36Seattle Missed35
37Bad enough to beat the Steelers35
38Keep It .0135
40One Knee Equals Two Feet36
41The Jaguars36
42will I ever figger it out36
43Bart's Loser League Team36
44Sharknado 16: Make Goodell Great Again36
46Kessler Syndrome37
47Dakka Dakka Dakka38
48Genuine Extruded Football Product38
49They are who we thought they were39
50Make the NFL Great Again39
51grey cup champions40
52Jon kitna express40
53American Democracy40
54Springtime for Cutler and Jeffery40
55Brady/Belichick 201640
56Duck handlers41
57Figgus Pudding41
59Toiloloing on Levine43
60Free Safety Dance43
62Magnificently Inept45
63Stay out of Trouble46
64Polian Error46
65Bobby Jindal Tickle Stick46
68Sad days indeed47
70Turn Your Head and Goff48
71Ball Kinda Hard48
74Bad Hombres49
75Cameron Meredith Baxter-Birney49
76Gronk me!50
77Women and Siemian Dont Mix50
78Into The Void51
79Goff my lawn51
80Participation Trophy Wives51
81Wentz All Said And Done51
82Headless Chickens52
83Full of Mularkey52
84Gone Gurley52
85Alfred Blue Screen of Death53
86Pick Six, Six Picks54
87GoRex (andtakeRobwithyou)54
88Son of Below Replacement Value55
89Katie Bar The End Zone!55
90Team Tinderz56
92I Came I Saw I Wentz57
94AJs teams 57
96The Process Trusters59
97I Watch The Dolphins, I Live For Bad Football59
100When life gives you Clemmings, make out a will61
101Flaming Potatoes62
102Cucarachas Enojadas64
103Average at Best64
104Swedish null team II65
105Chandana You Suck69
106Camcussion II: Revenge of the Axon70