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» 2013 Play-Action Defense

Are the best defenses against play action the best against regular passes too? How much impact does play action really have in an NFL game, and does it correlate from year to year?

Loser League - Weekly Results

1The Headless Chickens25
2The Silent Dashes33
3Picking Incognito33
4Jersey Lions35
5Mathematically Eliminated35
6Pillar of Teeth36
7Richie Incognitos Room Mate37
8Taking the Penalty39
9Samas Bombas41
11Hiding Incognito42
12Falcon Fallout42
13Theres a man with a mullet going mad with a mallet in Millets42
14Cheesy team name43
15Legion of Suck43
17Rod Rust Roughriders44
18In like Flynn44
19The Great Schism44
20Da Bearly Functioning45
22Locker Room Bloopers with Dick Undercover45
23El Guapo45
24Winning is for Losers46
25The Le Veiathan46
27Whats My Team Name47
28Whats My Team Name47
29Ray Rice killed my fantasy team47
30Ziggy Hood Always Up To No Good47
31Dayton Triangles47
32Whats My Team Name47
33Fotbolis Ridiculus47
36Kiev Kiwi48
37Winston Justice Security Systems49
38Unnamed Team: 5749
39EJ Manuel in Space49
40Fainting Goats49
41DBrickashaws Dad49
42Cover 1 Schauber49
43The Z-Team49
44X Marks the Sucks49
45The Penn Is Mightier50
46Greed Option50
47What Do Voluntary Mean Machine51
48Genuine Extruded Football Product51
490-17 Jaguars51
50Common Sense51
51Miami Dolphins Leadership Council51
52Dead Reed52
53Keith Null and Richie Incognito Are Dead52
54Unnamed Team: 11352
55Bobbum Man52
56Jeekee Skirls52
57Man up and suck!52
58Gang Green53
59Daltons law53
60McGahee or NotGahee53
61The Jaguars53
64Sing us a song youre a Schinao man54
65Legion of Broom54
67What Does Guy Fawkes Say?!54
68Pee-Wee Cowboys55
69Beauty Mode55
70Festival of Poo55
71Riley Coopers problems just went Incognito55
72The Hurt Locker55
73Underpants Gnomes55
74Green Machine56
75The London Jaguars56
76Pondering the Imponderable56
78Your Hide Will Make a Fine Poncho57
79Smith and Blackmon57
80Schiano Men57
81Clus Rejects57
82Barkenvious of Course!57
83Ace Parker On Ice57
84Campbellā€™s Coup58
85Shruggy Otis58
86Blue Moon Hippos58
87Mick Foleys Jolly Follies59
88Sids Side59
89Jersey Sinkholes59
90Test Team59
91The Smokin Jay Cutlers60
92Oh no, not again!60
93Purple Pulchritude60
94Blackmon knowledge60
95Insane Clowney Posse60
96Young the Titus60
98Terror Incognito60
99Jeff Ireland, Aspiring Daytime Talk Show Host60
100Incognito no more60
101Flying Eagles60
102Incognito World Peace60
103Andrews Choice Ligaments60
105Diarrhea Lips61
106A Schiano Man is Neither Seen nor Heard61
107Jacksonville Jaguars61
108Random Pix61
109Surprising McCown Competence61
110Wayne Fontes Cocaine61
111Blaine"s World61
112The Temps61
113I Fail At This61
114Think Pink-ston62
115The Enemys Yates is McCown62
116Fire extinguished62
117The Tolbert Report62
119Cheeseborough, cheeseborough, cheeseborough, no coke pezi62
120Cant Tell Shite From Schiano62
121Hazy Eyes, Full Stomachs63
122In Like Flynn63
123Spotlight Incognito63
124Fighting Filing Cabinets63
125The Insufficients 63
126EJ3 not RG364
127Bob Doles Fun Time Family Band64
128The Gabberts64
129Ineligible downfield64
130Bottoms Up64
131World`s Slowest Fax Machine65
132No Hope Wanderers65
135If losing were easy, everyone ....65
136The Washington Palefaces65
137League of Ordinary (Gentle?)Men65
138MIssing Tebow65
139Mingo the Mercilus65
140Chad My Favorite Pasta is65
141One rib and a sip of Coke65
142What Made Milwaukee Famous66
143Queen of deKnile66
144Raven for the Browns66
145Rod Marinelli and Staph66
147Windy City Flafels67
148The NFL in Florida = Faaaaaantastic67
149The Starlets67
150Ponderous, Really Ponderous67
151Richie Incognito Isnt Incognito68
152Last and Least68
15312 Years a Dave (Carr)68
154Thursday Night Jihad68
155The Ragmen68
156Case Keenums Top 4068
157Chipadelphia Part II68
158Incognito Means Keeping a Low Profile68
159LeVeon on a Jet Plane68
162The Haley Bubble Screens69
163The Replacements69
164YOLO for Everyone70
167Not Quite Right70
168Johnson Magic70
169Unnamed Team: 7870
170chromes new incognito window, less porn, more bullying71
1712nd Drummer from 38 Special71
173Big Bad Wolf71
174Downtown Browns71
175Green Bay Hamstrings72
177Walshs failing failures73
178I drink your milkshake73
179Chad Henne And Some Guys73
180Trentch Warfare73
182Solna Bushwackers74
183Schiano On You Crazy Soon to be exCoach74
184Kellen em softly74
185Dink and Doink74
186Schottenheimer Special75
187Breesus Stilettos76
188The Tankers78
190Illiterate Read Option79
191Hanhwa Eagles80
192Stevie Wonders Speedboat81
193Fire Jeff Ireland82
194Where The Hell Is Tim Tebow These Days?82
195Charles Xavier82
196Human Fund83
197Miami Elementary Bullies83
198Miami OG Richie "Deep Cover"84
199Shippensburg State Teaching College Fighting Schoolmarms85