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30 Nov 2015, 08:39am by Mike Tanier

Monday Morning Hangover: Buying (or not) Playoff Prospects of Key Contenders

Hey, YOU try writing headlines after a massive late-night overtime upset.

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28 Nov 2015, 10:08am by Mike Tanier

NFL Week 12: Mike Tanier's Previews and Score Predictions

Steelers fans aren't happy with my take on Super Bowl XL for some reason.

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25 Nov 2015, 02:42pm by Aaron Schatz

All 32 Emergency Quarterbacks

There's so much football stuff over at ESPN.com that articles can get lost -- especially with the new redesign that actually has fewer links on the page than before -- so I wanted to point out this interesting piece out for anyone who missed it. It's a look at what all 32 teams would do if injuries forced them to go with an emergency quarterback. Some of the responses are obvious, as guys like Denard Robinson and Trey Burton were quarterbacks in college. Others are more surprising, guys who were high school quarterbacks such as Eric Weddle and Owen Daniels.

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25 Nov 2015, 02:23pm by Scott Kacsmar

Pro Football Hall of Fame's 25 Semifinalists for 2016

The Pro Football Hall of Fame releases its list of 25 semifinalists for the class of 2016.

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23 Nov 2015, 03:50pm by Andrew Potter

Week 11 Injury Aftermath

Bleak Novembers, dying embers, unmerciful disasters, and ne'er a balm in Gilead: the 2015 Ravens offense is desolate, but is it yet undaunted?

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23 Nov 2015, 03:09pm by Vincent Verhei

MMQB: Drama Builds In Denver

This week, SI's Peter King ponders Brock Osweiler's debut for Denver and what it means for the Broncos going forward; the middle-of-the-pack teams in the NFL, and which might be capable of a playoff upset; a strange call at the end of Cincinnati-Arizona; and possible offseason destinations for Colin Kaepernick.

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23 Nov 2015, 08:58am by Mike Tanier

Monday Morning Hangover: Brock Osweiler's Time is Now

Featuring Tanooki Mario Cam Newton.

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21 Nov 2015, 04:42pm by Vincent Verhei

Kaepernick to IR; 49ers Career Over?

The San Francisco 49ers have placed quarterback Colin Kaepernick on Injured Reserve, ending his season. The 28-year-old quarterback will have surgery next week on his non-throwing shoulder.

Kaepernick hurt his shoulder in Week 4, but started the next four games before taking a seat in Week 9. Don't blame Kaepernick's bad season on that injury, though. His DVOA from Weeks 1 to 4 was -38.6%; after that, it went up significantly, to -9.1%.

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21 Nov 2015, 10:29am by Mike Tanier

NFL Week 11: Mike Tanier's Previews and Score Predictions

Speculating about Aaron Rodgers' love life for fun and profit. (Not really.)

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19 Nov 2015, 03:21pm by Aaron Schatz

TruMedia Seeking Software Engineer

Hey, want to get in on the advanced sports analytics business? If you're an experienced software engineer, you're in luck. We wanted to post this job listing as a favor to our friends at TruMedia and to our readers who are looking to get into this line of work. For those who don't know, TruMedia powers a lot of the stats infrastructure for ESPN Stats & Information and works directly with both MLB and NFL teams.

* * * * *

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