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25 Nov 2013, 03:27pm by Rivers McCown

MMQB: Life's Bounces

PK looks at the aftermath of Brady-Manning Bowl, looks at the Indianapolis free fall, and praises the 49ers for getting Trumaine Brock under contract.

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25 Nov 2013, 07:41am by Mike Tanier

Mandatory Monday: Playing for Position

Seven upcoming games with playoff implications, which do not include really good teams, are spotlighted. Click after the jump for everything from Nut Fumbles to Justin Tucker's cocky awesomeness.

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22 Nov 2013, 07:58am by Mike Tanier

Tanier's NFL Game Riffs: Week 12

Fourteen short stories about Manning-Brady, with guest columnists like Emily Dickinson, Batman and Superman, and Stieg Larsson.

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21 Nov 2013, 04:11pm by Rivers McCown

Why Baylor is Porn for Football Nerds

After seeing my recent Three-Cone Drill on Baylor, Deadspin had me over to discuss them in more depth for a broader audience.

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21 Nov 2013, 12:44pm by Rivers McCown

On Momentum

Brian Burke takes an analytical approach to the question of momentum, comparing the usual performance level of teams to their performance in the drive after a supposedly momentum-swinging play.

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21 Nov 2013, 11:57am by Matt Waldman

Bobby Rainey's Career Day

I’d like to believe that last weekend will be the beginning of a long and fruitful career as an NFL starter for Bobby Rainey, but I’m not naive. The one position in the NFL where there is no shortage of talent is running back. There may be teams that lack a good eye for matching running back talent with its roster, but there are backs training at home with the ability to produce as an NFL starter if called upon.

While he has the NFL’s attention, the RSP blog examines what Rainey has done thus far that is consistent with his performance as a college prospect.

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20 Nov 2013, 08:03am by Mike Tanier

Running Rivals

Tanier here! Had a lot of fun researching this one: the greatest running back rivalries in pro football history. Get your weekly dose of Nagurski!

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19 Nov 2013, 02:06pm by Matt Waldman

Le'Veon Bell's Progress Report

The rookie running back isn't having a successful year in Pittsburgh, but he's much closer to future success than some may realize. What Bell has to learn is that while he has some super traits, he has to avoid the temptation to be a hero on every play. Matt Waldman explains in his analysis at the Rookie Scouting Portfolio blog.

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18 Nov 2013, 04:03pm by Rivers McCown

Week 11 Injury Aftermath

A rundown of all Week 11's biggest injuries and their ramifications. (Click to read more.)

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18 Nov 2013, 01:46pm by Rivers McCown

MMQB: Sacred QB

PK riffs on the flag protection quarterbacks got in Week 11, discusses the results of said week, and looks at the Sam Hurd case.

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